Visit #2 Prep – Day before

Tuesday t-shirt
Between Phil and You
December 14 at 3:15pm
Hey, kid. Have they taken your last brain cell yet? Hope not!

Wicked cold today – hope you’re not outside much.
Having fun getting ready for dinner with an old friend. Went to buy you a t-shirt, got surrounded by 74,123 insignia clothing items! Whee!
December 14 at 3:18pm
Reading about places I could pick you up downtown. Several lots – you can park and stroll there, or call me to pick you up wherever. If you get a better idea from the locals, let me know.  Death to a lobster! See you tomorrow. Woot!
December 14 at 3:37pm
Checked my vacation days balance…two personal days I have to take this week or lose. So I get Wednesday and Thursday off! Feels like a good omen.  In more somber news, my dad was moved to a nursing home this morning.  They say it’s for five days of respite care, but I have the distinct feeling that he will never be home again.  I had so hoped he could die at home.  *sigh
Phil December 14 at 6:23pm
Will pray for you all.  Eating hot clam chowder and a big ass lobster roll. Yeah baby!  

December 14 at 6:30pm
Ooh! Wow… you really are doing your bit to decimate the lobster population this week! Hee! I’m chillin’ at home… waiting for NCIS to come on!
December 14 at 11:05pm
Hey, kid. Hope your dinner was wonderful and you got a chance to relax. Quiet evening for me. NCIS was a little silly, but I love all the Abby time. See you tomorrow! Sleep well, sweet man.

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