Visit #2 Prep – Raw talk

Phil December 15 at 7:41am
Good morning! Friggin cold this morning! May be a few minutes late tonight. Meetings finish at 4:30. Downtown lot near the hotel sounds great!

December 15 at 12:00pm
Good morning! We’ve got the coldest day of the year. Windy, too. Old Glory flying straight out! Scrapping plan for outdoor activities. 😉 Don’t stress… I will wait for you. With cheese. and crackers.  Look for my car. 
[texted him a photo]
December 15 at 12:08pm
Here’s a funny ad from Legal Seafood – talking seafood! 

At Legal Sea Foods, if it isn’t fresh, it isn’t legal. Sometimes when you have the freshest fish around, things can a little too fresh.

December 15 at 2:04pm
Heading out. See you soon!

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