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DECEMBER 13, 2010 Monday Chat
10:18 PM Phil: hey girl
Phil: watchin hawai 5-0
Phil: what’s the plan for wed, besides ending a lobstas life
pick you up at 4:30 pm 
Drive to my place
Phil: got a dinner place picked out?
10:25 PM Looking at Legal Seafood


From: Sassy 
Subject: Legal Seafood menu
Date: December 13, 2010 10:27:47 PM EST
To: Phil


Just emailed you the menu
Phil: cool, remember you talking about that
Best chowder in the world
Broad range of seafood and LOBSTER!
Cioppino, baked, stuffed, steamed…Surf & turf
Phil: baked stuffed lobsta sounds fabulous
10:32 PM Phil: I’m sure I can get a beer there too
where is legal seafood?
Beer? Yup
near my place and my office
Phil: cool
10:37 PM You have scotch with you? Bring it?
Phil: sipping it now
name cheese you like to munch
10:38 PM gouda, smoked gouda, swiss, sharp cheddar, stilton, 
 wasabi cheddar, hot pepper
any particular crackers?  Ritz?  Pepperidge Farm butterfly?  Wheat?  
Phil: anything
10:41 PM Ok thanks
Would you wear a local university T-shirt or would that cause a scandal? 
Phil:  I’d wear a t-shirt
10:43 PM size?
Phil: 2xl
I promise not to buy anything that says Red Sox on it.  
Phil: won’t wear that
10:45 PM No kidding. 
Anything else you’re wondering about? 
Phil: think that covers it.
Sure you want to drive all the WAY HERE?  I can drive
I want you not to have to deal with Boston navigation 
I want to see you at 4:30 pm, not 6ish
You figure out where I can pick you up?
Don’t have to know now… just sometime before Wed. afternoon
Phil: ok, probably downtown
10:59 PM cool
How’re you doing?  brains coming out your ears?
Phil: brains are fried. gonna lay down
11:06 PM room okay?
11:16 PM Phil: yeah room is good, better than normal here. Bed is comfortable
People you know there?
11:17 PM Phil: yeah, a couple, old friends which is nice
11:18 PM cool
Phil: still drooling over the menu
11:19 PM Hee!  That’s a relief… 
Phil: looks incredible
I’m drooling but about something else…
11:20 PM Phil: gotta get my PT stuff ready for the morning, 
going to get up an hour early.  Not doing so well in the evening.  
No motivation, just want to have a drink and relax
11:23 PM what does PT stand for? Physical training?
Phil: Physical Training (work out)
11:23 PM Right.  I just keep thinking PT 109… duh
11:24 PM Phil: off to bed for me. good nite
11:25 PM Sleep well, sweet man
11:26 PM Sweet dreams

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