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Monday marvels
Between Phil and You
Phil November 15 at 6:27am 
Delayed. For 5 hours at the airport. Yippee. Got up at 3:30 for this privilege. Have a great day!

November 15 at 8:26am
Good morning! Gray morning here. High clouds, 50 degrees and staying there. Lots of the big electrical repair trucks today in the lot. The gulls are diving again….
November 15 at 8:27am
Sorry to hear about your delay. Yuck! May this will be “the bad part” so the rest of your trip is wonderful. My friends talk of “having a frog for breakfast.” It’s gross but it makes the rest of your day look a lot better!
Can you get stuff done while you wait? If you need entertainment or distraction, I am here for you. Call or find me online or write! New phone puts me at your fingertips. Heh.
Phil November 15 at 8:35am
Getting work done while I wait. Not a bad thing.

November 15 at 8:35am
Had a great meeting. Fourteen people appeared, including two new people! So everyone was on their best behavior, telling jokes and energetic. I ran a tight meeting – done in 45 minutes! I was revved up, trying to show I feel fine.

And best of all, we got through the entire meeting without anyone mentioning my breast!

November 15 at 8:44am
Then it was off to Margarita’s. Table for twelve. Both new people went, so people ordered pitchers of margaritas and told the good stories about how our group got started, misadventures.
I got to taste yummy nachos with chorizo, barbecue chicken fajitas and my own plate of enchiladas – chicken, cheese and spiced steak. And someone paid for my dinner! Wow!
November 15 at 8:46am
Glad to hear you can get work done! Hope that makes the time go by. Speaking of which, I’d better dash to the office. Hoping for a quiet day. I’ll be working on the payroll.  Whee!
November 15 at 10:42am
Thinking of you… hoping you’re in the air or will be soon. I’m being super-efficient! Got to work early, did payroll, ran the weekly check-in meeting with the entire staff. Pretty quiet week for everyone. Starting work on the holiday open house. Can’t believe it’s almost time for that again!

Phil November 15 at 10:48am
I am sipping a bloody mary and still waiting. Will nap on the flight. Not a bad morning. Find a good dinner place yet for December? Looking forward to that. Won’t be long now. Glad you are having a good day.

November 15 at 11:19am
You sound quite mellow. Glad it’s not too bad. I love bloody mary mix! Do you get access to a special spot? Or are you camped at the bar?
Ooh, LOBSTER thoughts! Yum. I have been thinking about and trying places, even posted in my blog asking folks for recommendations to take “visiting friends.” It’s a little tricky, in terms of finding a place where no one I know will see me, and that has the right stuff to eat and drink, and isn’t too expensive. But it’s fun to figure it out!
Do you know your December schedule, i.e. when you will be here exactly? If you do, I can make a reservation. If not, no biggie. If there are things you want to do or see here, let me know.
November 15 at 1:19pm
Did you ever get off the ground? Hope so. I tried the NYTimes crossword… very tough today. But I learned new words! Grabbing lunch now.
November 15 at 3:12pm
Did you make it?
[Phil posted a photo of a restaurant to his FB wall]

November 15 at 8:26pm
Wow… the Pig-N-Whistle looks incredible! Tell me what you ate? Brisket? Ribs? Catfish? Oh, man, what a menu! You lucky duck!
November 15 at 11:32pm
Quiet lonely evening here. Watching the city lights go out. Missing you something fierce. The fun. food. fooling around. If we were talking, you’d hear a bunch of sexy, dirty words! Heh. Must be the phase of the moon. *sigh* Don’t let it worry you, kid – just know that you inspire lust and longing in a brown-haired girl! 😉 Good night, sweet man. Sleep well.

Tuesday trust 
Between Phil and You
November 16 at 4:41pm
Busy day? Hope it was productive one. My brain was in high gear, so I got ahead on projects at the office. My task for tonight is to motivate Hubby to de-clutter -> pro cleaners are coming tomorrow! Any tips on getting spouses to toss stuff? Wish me luck!
November 16 at 9:47pm
Hey, kid, How’s it going?
Actually made some progress on de-cluttering! And got the husband to do some, too! He threw something out! Woot! Miracles do happen. 🙂 Might even be able to let visitors in here. Maybe by December.
Did you see that Prince William announced his engagement today? To Kate, a woman with long, brown hair. My sister says she looks like me as a teenager. So you’d probably think she’s cute. 😉

Phil November 16 at 10:01pm
great barbecue, good drinks, great meeting. Was a good day!
November 16 at 10:53pm
Just watched NCIS. Intense. Lots of Ziva. I hate two-parters…
City sites 
Between You and Phil
Phil November 17 at 11:20am
Had the pulled pork and chicken combo with beans and slaw. Very nice. That’s always been a favorite. Wet day here today. Grip and Grin with the boss tonight. Gonna be a busy week!

Phil November 17 at 11:21am
This has been a fabulous conference. Great networking opportunity, lots of work getting done. Having a great time doing it too!
November 17 at 11:23am
Good morning! We’re having a “New England weather” day here (if you don’t like it, just wait 10 minutes) in that it was pouring when I came to work and completely clear now! And 62 degrees! That’s awesome for November. I like it when it goes in that direction. I hope it clears for you soon.
November 17 at 11:33am
Pulled pork! Yum. I’ve seen cooking shows about the restaurants in Memphis… so envious! So glad to hear the meetings are going well. You sound so “up!”
Phil November 17 at 11:34am
We are having a spectacular day! Weather is amazing. Great work being done.

November 17 at 4:39pm
I hope your meetings continue to go well. I didn’t feel like working today, but made a list of the big things I should be doing – and managed to make progress on all fronts! Off to Texas Road House for a STEAK!  Have a great evening!
Me: TX Roadhouse for the win!  (with a photo of the restaurant in Everett)
Phil:  One of my favorites!
November 17 at 9:05pm
Hope you’re having a good evening.
I have a clean place! WOOT! Having the pros clean is so fabulous! It made Hubby clean up his junk, and throw out some stuff. They sent four people for an hour. My friend got a coupon, so it only cost her $47! And it cost me nothing! Incredible. Can you tell I am pleased? 🙂

Phil November 17 at 9:44pm
I can tell. Sipping wine, watching TV. Going out tomorrow. Big ass beer and an attitude adjustment along with barbecue at BB Kings place. Yummy!
November 17 at 9:51pm
Wow… BB Kings has quite the menu. Several items there I’ve never seen – sweet potato puffs? And lots of stuff I know and would love. Heh. You are a lucky man to get to eat at these places!
Phil November 17 at 10:01pm
gotta love it!
Phil November 17 at 10:01pm
Gonna have lobsta and chowda in New England in a few weeks. Whoo Hoo!
November 17 at 10:04pm
And beer!
November 18 at 1:42pm
Hope you’re having another great day. Still conferencing? It’s a gorgeous day – 50’s, sunny, blustery. The November light makes everything so crisp and pretty! Most of the leaves are gone, so I can see the amazing architecture in a new way.
November 18 at 2:56pm
Strange and wonderful things today. The office staff was freaking out over two dead mice when I got in. Took all my managerial skill to calm them down, and form them into teams to remove small furry bodies, dissipate the smell and contact housekeeping to re-set the traps. Ah, the exciting duties of the office manager!
I actually left the office for lunch – third time since August! Border Cafe for gumbo and shrimp etouffee! Yum. Met up with three chick friends. Sassy chicks unite! You would’ve had fun at that table.
And I tasted pretzel M&Ms for the first time. Not impressed. Going back to Almond!
November 18 at 4:09pm
Hey, kid. Hope you had a productive day! 
November 19 at 12:51am
Another quiet evening here… hope you had fun. Sleep well, sweet man.
November 19 at 8:39am
Good morning! Happy Friday! I hope your day is off to a grand start. It’s a beautiful morning, completely clear but COLD. Only 39 and not going much higher.  Have a great day!

Phil November 19 at 9:14am
My head hurts, mouth tastes like camel shit and I can’t find my pants. Great day, geez
November 19 at 9:17am
I’m so sorry… but this made me giggle. You are so cute before you’ve had coffee.
November 19 at 1:14pm
Tell me your are feeling better? And found your pants?! I won’t ask how you know what camel shit tastes like… are you still conferencing?
My assistants declared today a cleaning and furniture moving day! So the place has been torn up all morning. I switched desks with my assistant, moved all the desks and tables.. yikes! Just starting to get back to normal. Trying to pitch stuff rather than just put it back into my new desk… rah. I am now back in a corner, so you could be underneath it with no one seeing you… 😉

Me: Re-arranging office furniture.  Whee!
(with a photo of my office all discombobulated)
Phil November 19 at 3:02pm
Lol. I am feeling a little better but still a little fuzzy. At the airport waiting on the flight. Maybe coffee will help
November 19 at 3:12pm
Do I dare ask what you did last night that made you all fuzzy today? Or is it just the end of a long week?  Office is finally calming down. Phew. Still can’t find anything…
November 19 at 4:55pm
I hope your flight went smoothly. I’m headed home.
You driving tonight? Would love to hear your voice… make you laugh…
November 19 at 11:29pm
Home again?
Quiet and cold here…gorgeous moon and stars. Caught up on “The Mentalist.” Sussed the killer right away… hate it when I do that. Had a great pizza – chicken, bacon, onion and white sauce. Weird but tasty.
Sleep well, sweet man.

Phil November 20 at 6:51am
Bout half way home. crisp cool morning
November 20 at 6:54am
[Philip called me and we talked for about an hour, all about his trips and plans for his visit in December!]
Phil November 20 at 7:55am
Thanks!  Great to talk to you!

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