Veterans Day

Monday is murky
Between Phil and You
November 8 at 6:16am
Good morning! I hope your day is off to a fine start. And that your weather is better than mine. It’s dark, raining hard, and windy… looks like it’s raining sideways. Cold – 38 degree. Ick! The gulls are diving and coasting on the gale… ah, Monday!
November 8 at 6:54am
What’s up with you? Driving? Flying? I hope it goes smoothly. And you can smile that wicked “My team won, Pats lost” smile!
Phil November 8 at 8:43am
Good day> doing some chores around the house before heading back to D.C. Nice out this morning. Have a great day!
November 8 at 9:22pm
Hey there. Doing the MNF thing? Wicked busy day but chillin now. pining for a tall, handsome football fan. 🙂
November 8 at 11:51pm
Been watching funny videos… literally laughing myself silly. Heh. People are being so sweet to me – sending me stuff to make me smile.  Hope you had a great night! Sleep well, sweet man.

Tuesday triumphs
Between Phil and You
November 9 at 7:51am
Good morning! I hope your Tuesday is rocking and rolling to a happy tune. Busy day for you?  Gray morning, 47, but the rain stopped. Parking lot is quiet… just the gulls.
November 9 at 8:03am
NCIS previews looks fun – Robert Wagner’s back! He is such a sass! Had a great feeling getting dressed – put on a winter shirt that was too small in March and it fits now! Gave me courage to step on the scales – down 20 pounds since August. Woot! You probably won’t be able to tell in December, but it feels great to me.
November 9 at 3:12pm
Crazy day for you? It’s been wild here, but suddenly came to a halt and I’m alone in the office. That hasn’t happened for awhile! Hoping the rest of the day will be quiet for both of us.
Phil November 9 at 5:15pm
Good for you! That’s so awesome! I am making lasagna for dinner from scratch. Lots of meat and cheese. Italian salad with fresh garlic bread, a nice chianti, yummy. Gonna eat while I watch NCIS. Robert Wagner has always been a favorite!

November 9 at 7:52pm
Oooh! Lasagna… that sounds so fantastic! Wish you could put a slice up on the web and I could download it over here! I am at home alone again. Probably nuke a hot dog and frozen veg. Heh.
November 9 at 9:06pm
I am… wicked. Hot for you. Been looking at photos you sent. Mmm… Call? Chat? After TV… if, you know… you’re not too tired. And interested. Or just chit-chat. Whatever. 🙂
November 9 at 11:59pm
Wow! NCIS was fun tonight. Great to see Bruce Boxleitner again. And Ziva looked mighty fine. “She IS a weapon.” Heh.  Hope your dinner turned out well. Sleep well, sweet man.

Wednesday wheaties
Between Phil and You
November 10 at 7:48am
Good morning! Here’s hoping for a great day for us. Another rainy, gray day, 43, so I get to be the sunshine! Off to do great things!

November 10 at 4:07pm
How’s your day going? Are you cooking something divine again tonight? I’m very pleased to report that (after about 65,000 phone calls over the course of 4 days, changing doctors and health care providers, and pulling strings), I finally have an appointment to see a surgeon. Woot! Monday, Nov. 22 I go to the Mass General Hospital Gillette Center for Women’s Cancers to meet their team and discuss options. The power of friends and co-workers with the right connections have gotten me to a very good place! I am much calmer now.
November 10 at 11:59pm
Another day ending… hoping you had a good one! Sleep well sweet man.
Veterans day
Between Phil and You

Phil November 11 at 6:06am 
At the airport getting ready to head out. Have a great day!

November 11 at 11:00am
Hope you’ve landed safely and will have a productive day.
Here’s my FB status update for today:
“A big thank you to all Veterans and those who currently serve. We appreciate you and all the work you do to make us safe and free.”
Thank you, Philip. I am so proud of you and thankful for all you do for this country and the people serving in the military.
November 11 at 5:29pm
Off to work on my local project.  Thinking of you a lot today, hoping you’re having a good day.
[I was driving to pick up dinner, wondering what Philip’s new place would look like, wishing I could be there with him to see it.  Here’s one of those freaky moments where he read my mind from over 1,000 miles away.]

TEXTS from Philip
5:38 pm four photos of his new surroundings
TEXT to Philip
5:53 pm Wow!  Fabulous!  Thanks for sharing!  Having thai soup!  
TEXT to Philip
10:00 Evening went well. Woot!  going to party.  Sleep well, sweet man.
TEXT from Philip
10:32 pm Nite Girl.  Congrats!  

Phil November 12 at 4:05pm
Been a busy day. Meeting people, getting a feel for the job etc. Weather is still great. Fly home tomorrow. Hope you are having a great day

November 12 at 4:08pm
Busy day – alone in the office all day. Hope you are seeing good people, feeling better about the job and the place.

Hartford Ho

Between Phil and You

November 12 at 4:51pm
Just volunteered to drive to Hartford (90 minutes away) to have dinner with a friend there on business from Canada! Rein’s Deli for dinner! Whee! Off on an adventure.
November 12 at 10:08pm
Almost home, rest stop 30 minutes out the mass pike. Full of pickled herring, reuben and kugel. Listening to oldies, heard “teenager in love“. Heh. Sleep well, sweet man.
Saturday sky
Between Phil and You
November 13 at 10:01am
Good morning! I hope you’re having a great day! It’s a gorgeous morning – Clear sky, 50, crisp fall air. My cat and I went out on the balcony and looked all around. Thanks for sending the good weather our way. 🙂
November 13 at 10:06am
I “like” a food blog that pops up on FB called “Boston Hidden Restaurants.” The guy eats out a lot, and writes about it. And posts photos. Here’s his latest, from one of my favorites places. Nothing like a little Moussaka in the morning.
Photo of moussaka from Greek Corner in Cambridge, MA…this picture is part of a food photos feature within the Boston’s Hidden Restaurants site.

November 13 at 11:59am
I’m having a quiet day at home. Trying to get picked up, as the cleaners are coming Wednesday. I’m really curious to hear about your trip. Call sometime if you have a few moments to tell me about it?
November 13 at 2:29pm
Beautiful clear sky inspired me to try some photos of my view. Hope you can see them okay. If not, tell me if email or FB might work better? Not like being here, but something… so loved seeing your new place, wanted to return the favor!
November 13 at 11:10pm
Hoping you made it home safely and easily… sleep well, sweet man.


November 14, 2010 12:04 am 
[from my personal blog]
Late nights 
Late at night, when I’m tired and a little bored, I ache for him so bad I can taste it. It’s especially bad when I haven’t heard from him in awhile. Nothing for over 24 hours. When I don’t know where he is. When it’s been 10 days since I’ve heard his voice. And I can feel him slipping away from me. I read over his messages and store them away. Try to read between the lines, understand more about him. What he wants, what he needs, how he feels. 
I get online and chat with friends. I write emails, hear other people’s news.  It helps for awhile.
I long for the sound of his voice. And write to him too much. And then I start longing for his body. My insides roll. I want him inside me right now. Over and over. I want to see his smile. I want just one text or email or facebook message… something that connects us across all the miles and different lives and the years. I long to tell him how I feel. But I know it’s not wise. I know I shouldn’t push. But it is so hard. 
It’s probably a good thing that he is not talking to me right now. Because I would say something very emotional. Might even use the L-word that has been hammering to come out. That I’ve been squashing since Ocktoberfest even while it’s been growing and threatening to take over my world like a giant monster.  It grew a lot when he was so good to me the night I was diagnosed… talking to me on the phone. Making love to me on FB chat. Letting me know in the most graphic way possible that breast cancer doesn’t keep him from wanting me. And it spread again, as I looked at the photos of him new home. That he shared with me. Standing there looking at the new home he will share with his wife, and texting photos to me. 
So I will go to bed. And replay our time together in my mind. The chats. The 39 hours. The photos he sent me on Thursday. And hope to dream of him. And hope that football puts him in a good mood and makes him write to me. 
Saturday nights are hard. I love you Philip.


Sunday suits
Between Phil and You
November 14 at 9:54am
Good morning! Hope your day is off to a easy start. Sunny here, a few clouds, 50 degrees and staying there. Big flocks of birds heading South… lots of cars in the lot. Odd for a Sunday… have a great day!

Phil November 14 at 2:28pm
Easy trip. Enjoying the football game. Headed to DC. Fly out in the morning. Weather is. Fabulous!

November 14 at 3:59pm
Glad you made it back! Getting set up for a mtg, keeping an eye on the football while I wait.


Sunday, November 14, 2010
12:00 noon Me: Go Team!
3:03 pm Phil: Whoooooo
4:42 pm Me: Wow… What a game!
4:45 pm Phil: Wow!  Awesome
4:52 pm Me: Gotta go now, then dinner with the peeps.  Look for me later?
4:54 pm Phil: Yeah man
6:14 pm Me: They won!  Woot!  Survived meeting, now dinner!
9:09 pm Me: Home again, full of beans… I mean, enchiladas!
9:25 pm Phil: Friggin Patriots!  Just lose for crying out loud!
10:06 pm Me: Half-time
11:38 pm Me: Enjoying this?
11:50 pm Me: I hope you’re asleep

November 15 at 12:11am
Sleep well, sweet man. Safe travels. Have fun. Think of me when you get to that street… 

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