October 21, 2010 3:21 pm
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On my way home from D.C. on October 8, I felt like it was a new life, a new year for me.  I was inspired by conversations with Philip to go in new directions and catch up on things I’d been putting off.  So I made three resolutions:
1) Pay more attention to my health – Specifically, make appointments for
         a. Eyelid surgery to get rid of those ugly little blips
         b. Mammogram
         c. New orthopedic shoes
         d. Colonoscopy
         e. Do something about my weight.
The military makes Philip keep up-to-date on all the medical stuff, and he said, “You gotta do it, girl!” 
2) Be more social on my own – intentionally invite people out for meals and accept invitations 
3) Focus on my husband, tell him what I want both in the bedroom and around the house
Later on, listening to Philip talk about getting ready to move and de-cluttering, I have taken that one on as well.
4) De-clutter!
I’ve already had three meals out with friends, had several great talks with my husband, tossed a bunch of stuff and scheduled appointments for the first two health items!
I hope to make progress on all fronts very soon!

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