May I Visit Again?

October 14, 2010

11:48 pm Me: hiya

Phil: hey, how you?
Me: Great! You?
Phil: rainy day here, now crystal clear and cold
Me: They’re using the word “Nor’Easter” for us over night.  Just started…
 Had a great time at the pub.  You been watching TV?
Phil: the pub sounds neat> think I’d like it
watching country music videos, wrapped up in bed with the windows open
Me: Very British…
lots of “whiskey” behind the bar…Over a dozen beers on tap
I just posted an outside photo… not very picturesque
Phil: absolutely my kind of place
Me: Busy day?
Phil: no not too bad.  went for a long run with a friend’s dog.  He thinks I’m the sled. 
 finished up a lot of admin stuff
12:00 am Me: Cool. You ran in the rain?
Phil: cleared up around 5. Been crystal clear since then> 
He is such a big baby and he loves to run
Me: Miracle happened today…
Phil: back to the beach tomorrow. 
Beer fest with my boy Saturday> Should be fun
do tell
Me: Call me if you want some company in the car. 
Hubby… touched me.
Phil: ok will do
Me: What time you driving?
Phil: awesome! 
leaving around 1:00 or so 
Me: Seems like if you wanted me, he is suddenly interested.
Phil: that’s a good thing
Me: Yes. Thank you for facilitating…
Phil: my pleasure. going back to the thai place. really liked that
Me: Their soup was awesome…
Phil: you have to find a cool place for dinner when I am up there
 i never had it before, really liked the soup
Me: Been pondering… every time I eat out I look around, think about it…
Phil: cool, I will trust your judgement. 
has to serve lobster and cold beer, chowder would be a plus
Me:  There are too many great places!
  May have to beg for more than one night…
  Whole lobster or something with lobster in it? Like lobster pie etc?
Phil: lobster in it is fine
Me: May I visit you again?
Phil: I am beat, toasty in bed. need to get to sleep. 
talk to you tomorrow.  glad to hear Hubby is interested.
gone most of November, two trips. and thanksgiving. 
getting hectic with the pending move
Me: Sure.
 Check the calendar?  See if there is a window…
Phil: I will be up there shortly.  I’ll look, trying to pack out the house. 
Rent sign goes up soon. Wife is not much help so I am doing everything. 
What a pain in the ass
Me: Ok. Flights to BWI are wicked cheap. 
Talk tomorrow. Sleep well, sweet man.
12:21am  Phil: nite Sassy

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