Friday silence

Friday festivities
Between Phil and You
October 15 at 10:21am
Good morning!  I hope your Friday is off to a great start.  Still gray here, but the monsoon is over.
Hope the beer fest with your son is fun tomorrow.  Just saw an ad about “The Lobster Party” here.  Wow, does it sound like your sort of party – craft beers and lobster!

October 15 at 1:43pm
Wicked windy out today!  Had a great lunch in Harvard Sq – groovy pizza place called Oggi.  Vegetarian friend ordered a goat cheese, cheery tomatoes and almond pizza.  Not my choice, but still yummy.  Fun to get out of the office. Very quiet today.
October 15 at 4:36pm
All alone in the office.  Sent everyone home early. Too quiet… Counting the minutes until I can leave.  Wish you were around to tell me great stories and make me laugh.  Hope you made it home easily. Have a great weekend!

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One thought on “Friday silence”

  1. Ouch. I would have a least responded by asking if it was wood fired brick-oven pizza. Sounds good! Although I had a goat cheese pizza new years eve that was a bit too cheesy. I tend to just like good old Margarita Pizza!

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