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Friday fun
Between Phil and You
September 24 at 6:09am
Good morning! It’s Friday! Another beautiful day… Hope you have a great time!
September 24 at 6:26am
Did you see the Harvest moon? And Jupiter? Gotta love the night sky.
I stood on my balcony last night, staring at the bright full moon and the twinkling planet traveling together, and thought of us, so far apart but standing under the same sky… I am so glad that I know you are out there now. Maybe thinking of me, calling my name in the night.
and then you are with me, holding each other, whispering, smiling, cuddling, curling up together in the big chaise, listening to the sounds of the city and then narrowing our focus to each other, letting the chemistry take over.
Phil September 24 at 9:20am
Enjoy the day Sassy. I did see the Harvest Moon and Jupiter last night. It was a crystal clear night. I am off for a bike ride to get some exercise and then it’s off to the beach. Been enjoying the down time. Thinking about Lobster :). Enjoy the day at the office. 
Was thinking about you leaning on your desk, me on my knees behind you. I remove your panties leaving the dress on. With you leaning on the desk, I have perfect access to your pussy and ass. I run my tongue from the top of your ass all the way to that sweet spot in your pussy. I know I hit it when I feel you tremble. I spend a little time there, licking and sucking, more trembling, now I thrust my tongue inside you while gently rubbing a finger over your clit, the combination of the finger and tongue soon carries you over the edge, I feel your juices running down my face, I shift my attention to your ass, gently licking and kissing the soft spot between your pussy and ass and then licking your ass as I slide a couple fingers into your pussy. I am now fucking your ass with my tongue in rhythm with my fingers in your pussy. You are pressing your ass back, rocking on my fingers, so hot, I suddenly stand, flip up the dress, push you down on the desk and bury my cock deep inside of you, I have you by the hips and I am just pounding you, your tits smashed on the desk, gonna cum, oh yeah, shooting spurt after spurt of cum inside you. You turn, kiss me deeply, your hand gliding on my cock and then drop to your knees, licking and sucking our cum from my cock, you look up and smile and say wanna go again and now start sucking in earnest, your fingers on my balls, then on my ass, then in my ass. You are now fucking me in rhythm with your mouth sucking my cock and it does not take long before you are rewarded with a mouthful of hot cum. I lean down and kiss you, enjoying the taste of my cum on your tongue, my hands on your tits, I lay you back on the desk, your legs in my arms and guide my cock back inside you, now I am standing in front of you fucking you hard and fast, enjoying your expression as you near orgasm and go over the edge again. I lean down and kiss you and tell you to get back to work as I casually stroll out of the office, leaving you covered and full of cum.
Phil September 24 at 11:44am
U real busy? Or did I say something wrong? Hope you are having a great day

September 24 at 12:36pm
Sorry… really busy, more later.
Wrong? You should know better by now. What you say is so right… more right than anything I’ve ever read in my life. Please write more. Early and often.
September 24 at 1:06pm
Damn, Philip. You are so frickin’ hot. You make me burn so bad my little toes are crisp.
At 9:15 am I was here alone… feeling shy, old. And ugly. Asking the ether “Please let him write to me. Something so sexy I soar…” Knowing it might be hours before I hear from you. Knowing you’re busy having fun, and I shouldn’t intrude. Don’t ever want you to feel burdened.
I’ve been calling out to the universe for years and not hearing back. I am used to it. I can get myself out of the doldrums. I’m tough. Independent.
And then your message appeared. I broke in half from multiple orgasms about 9:21 am. I feel so alive and sexy! I am so emotional after that I am “this close” to saying something… emotional. It frightens me. It would probably frighten you…
So I’ll just say it IS a great day! I have work to do! and a very sweet sexy man to write to me… wheee!!!
Phil September 24 at 1:14pm 
Very cool!

September 24 at 1:33pm
Can you see videos? I found a fun “Grey’s Anatomy” scene – making out in an elevator. Wish it was us!

September 24 at 2:44pm
Work has finally calmed down a bit. Phew. Where was I? Oh, yes… Giggling at how my office turns you on. At least there weren’t five people around my desk this morning!
Reading that incredible sexy message you sent. Makes my back arch, and my breath quicken and my insides churn… and my brain explode! damn. The places you take me with your words! Definitely SOARING!
My desk at work is ruined now. I look at it and I can feel my back against it and you inside me. Front and back. Taste your sweet juices. Feel your skin on mine. Smell your sweat. Hear your words in my ear. Mmmm….

Phil September 24 at 3:36pm

September 24 at 3:43pm
The list of triggers is getting long… nowhere is safe! And I like that. 🙂
Bonfire. Bus. Beach. Basement. Camp.
Restaurants. Lobster.
Part of my body.
Parts of your body.
Shower. Powder. Desk at home.
Desk at work. Elevators.
Every time my phone rings.
Ever time I see a 1 in the FB msg notifier.
Any particular wall. 🙂
Any particular one sticking out as a good trigger for you? Or do you cycle through them all?
What can you set on fire next? Maybe my car… the brief threesome moment on the phone the other day messed up the front… maybe you can spin a story about the back – all the seats are down right now… big flat space. Lots of room for… fun. Or my kitchen cabinets. or the king size bed… my hideous sofa.
Everything you touch with your mind glows from then on for me. Just don’t mention the cat!
September 24 at 3:47pm
We are getting out early! Hooray! Headed home… ready for the WEEKEND!

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