Mouth of fire


Between Phil and You
September 23 at 7:48am
Good morning! How’s the beach? Great to see your smiling face. I’ve been smiling back. Another gorgeous day here… more like summer than fall.
Phil September 23 at 9:42am
Weather continues to be spectacular. I grilled 2 whole chickens last night and we had a huge salad and 2 pitchers of Sangria. Tommy could not stop giggling, he was a hoot! The wine was great, chicken came out crisp, tender and spicy. Just hung out on the deck enjoying the beach. Have to do some cleaning today, then a couple wineries and we will go check out the sand castles. Big competition this weekend. Hope you are having a good productive day.

September 23 at 9:50am
Hey, there! I missed you. I am so glad you’re having a fun time. How was your b-day dinner? Lots of seafood?
I did chicken dinner last night too! And that’s an odd thing for me. I picked up a lemon pepper rotissed one from across the street, with a package of mashed potatoes and then made stove top stuffing and gravy. Not gourmet, but the first time I’ve touched the stove in ages! I’ve been on a domestic binge – laundry, cleaning, almost cooking…gotta do something to work off all this energy!
September 23 at 10:27am
Productive day? Not much to do. I ordered Indian food for a lunch meeting tomorrow… pappadam to chicken tikka masala! And I have papers and snacks ready for another meeting. Zzzzzz….. way too much time to think about someone’s hands. And mouth. and look at photos!
Been having some deep thoughts, but they can wait. Not going to wreck your vacation fun with philosophical drivel. 🙂
September 23 at 11:36am
I wish I could be there to help clean… wonder if I’d be a help … or if I’d get in the way. Or if we’d just make a mess. Heh.
September 23 at 6:56pm
Seen any good sand castles?
I’m having a quiet evening at home. Picked up Chinese from Mary Chung’s on the way home. My favorite suan la chow show (wonton in hot sauce) paired with yu shiang eggplant over rice. Yum. My mouth is on fire, but I like that.
Phil  September 23 at 7:16pm
I’ll bet your mouth feels like fire.
September 23 at 8:25pm
You’d win that bet! Hot on your lips… tongues mingling. Electric. Hot on your neck, sending shivers lower. My teeth, your nipples hard as nails… your belly… and a conflagration on your cock! Licking, sucking… going after that hot white cum. Explode! Give it to me, Phil. Feel the burn.
Phil September 23 at 8:26pm
Mmmmmmm< I like the way you think!
September 23 at 8:30pm
Like my thoughts? just wait ’til you check out my action. 😉
On your knees, fella. Return the favor.
September 23 at 10:00pm
Time for the Mentalist! Yes!
September 23 at 11:18pm
Bed time for me. Bed… hmmm…. now that gives me ideas…
Sleep well, sweet man. 
Pleasant dreams of a naked woman with long brown hair.

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