The Federal

May 20, 2019 Monday

1:49 PM Sassy
You heading home? Thinking about you.
Hope you’re having a marvelous Monday!

2:11 PM Phil
Spending the day in [the city]!

2:12 PM Sassy
I found the photos from my trip!

So envious! I’ve been twice for short visits. So beautiful!

9:47 PM Sassy
Festive birthday dinner for a project pal at The Federal in Waltham

My fruity mocktail
The dining room
Lobster bisque
My roasted beet salad with fried goat cheese and pine nuts
Fresh local oysters
Beef carpaccio
Steak au poivre with a lobster tail
My Maine Family Farms pork chopĀ 
with Creamy Polenta + Roasted Cipollini + Truffle Pork Jus

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