Sox headed to the Series!

October 19, 2018 Friday
8:11 AM Sassy
Happy Friday kid!
Fun to see your progress!  Thanks for posting photos FB.
You just passed my grandparents farm!
Hope the road is smooth and fast!

8:14 AM Sassy
The Red Sox are going to the World Series!!

11:22 AM Phil
Great trip so far!
Happy Friday!
11:23 AM Sassy
7:15 PM Sassy
Picked up dinner from Greek Corner.  Their avegolemono soup is perfection!

It always make me think of you and a magical night long ago.

11:20 PM Phil
Had a fabulous day!
Sitting on the patio necked sipping a drink

[photo of him from the waist up, naked, toasting the camera with a tumbler of scotch]

11:26 AM Phil
Hope you had a great day sweet girl

[photo of the lights on the lake in the dark]

Beautiful evening

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