Brunch, Broadway and Asian fusion

October 28, 2017 Saturday

8:57AM Sassy
Happy Saturday kid!  Hope you have a wonderful NY day!
8:59 AM Phil
You too! 
Going apple picking once my brother gets done playing with his new toy
[photo of some huge tractor-like vehicle]
9:00 AM Sassy

11:49 AM Sassy
First time at Temple Bar on Mass Ave in Cambridge
The Temple Bar
A virgin bloody Mary
French toast w/ fruit
Wild mushrooms with grits and eggs
My eggs Benedict

1:47 PM Sassy
At the Opera House for the “Fun Home” matinee!  We got 8th row center seats for free from an usher who is a friend of a coworker.  Wow! 

6:00 PM Sassy
Sitting in the car waiting for Hubby.  He’s visiting a friend in the hospital.  She tried to kill herself last week, but is getting excellent help now and seems to be on the upswing.  It helps him to help others who are worse off. 
8:59 PM Sassy
Nothing like Asian fusion on a Saturday night!  
First time at Shines Fresh Asian restaurant in Belmont – Korean, Thai, Chinese and Sushi! 
My Thai iced tea with boba
Hubby’s mango Mai Tai
Hot & sour soup
Hubby’s Tom yum soup
Hubby’s sweet and sour flounder
Korean bulgoki
Pork steamer buns (soup dumplings) 
9:35 PM Sassy
Finally home!  What a day!  Hope you had fun!! 

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