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September 20, 2017 Wednesday

from: Sassy
to: WrySmile 
date: Wed, Sep 20, 2017 at 7:23 PM
subject: Re: The Storm

Hiya Darrin! Hope you stayed dry today. Seems like we got off easy on the tropical storm thing.

Have you written erotica taking the woman’s point of view? My brain just churns it out… male view, female view, overview… no clue where it comes from – glad to have a man say it’s readable. Share whatever, whenever.

Let’s think about next week? I’m off this weekend for my high school reunion, and I need to prep. Maybe an evening next week? Or over the weekend of Sept 30-31 for an afternoon? What would you like to do? I feel very comfortable with the idea of talking, and eating… still not sure about anything else. You are such an interesting man, can’t resist hearing more of your stories!



from: WrySmile 
to: Sassy
date: Wed, Sep 20, 2017 at 8:10 PM
subject: Re: The Storm

Hey, Sass,

Did it rain today? I spent the day in a hermetically sealed office building stepping out only to buy a double espresso.

When I was thinking about you earlier today, I realized one of the reasons I enjoy our conversations (voice


from: WrySmile 
to: Sassy
date: Wed, Sep 20, 2017 at 8:55 PM
subject: Re: The Storm

oops.. I usually put in a junk email recipient so I don’t accidentally hit send. oops… continuing,

When I was thinking about you earlier today, I realized one of the reasons I enjoy our conversations (voice and email) so much. You are the only person (possibly in my life) that I can be completely open with. I feel comfortable talking about the good and the bad, the intimate details of my inner life that I’ve never shared — even with my beloved wife. For who else would I dare sneak an anal sex double entendre in middle of a nearly innocent sentence? (Don’t tell me you missed it!)

Intimate without “intimacy”… hmnnn!

And that’s without even mentioning what I enjoy about you. Let’s talk more and soon. Tuesday and Wednesday evenings are possible, but only for an hour or two at most.

The afternoons of 9/30 and 10/1 (not 9/31, silly Sassy) will work. There’s a Jazz festival I hope to attend on 9/30. If my wife (let’s call her “Sue”) doesn’t want to go, maybe we can attend together. You pick. Sue is going to be out of town a lot in October, so scheduling will get easier.

(BTW, we’re going to see Gypsy next weekend. [Remember the cast member I spoke to on the bus?])

The vibrator story is the closest I’ve come to writing from a woman’s point of view. I’ve tried but it always comes out clichéd. I might try again.

I’m trying to write the story of my time with a college friend. (I was her first lover; cunnilingus was a new idea for her. [I’ll always remember her saying “WHAT ARE YOU DO –oo–ooing?… Oh god!”] I think she was already in love with me, but that wrapped it up tight.) Anyway, maybe I’ll try to flip it around and write from her point of view.

Let me know when you’d like to talk again.


PS, did you enjoy the videos I sent you? Let me know if there are any you particularly liked; I might be able to share more like it.

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