The Feast

September 18, 2017 Monday
from: WrySmile 
to: Same Sassygirl 
date: Mon, Sep 18, 2017 at 9:51 PM
subject: A Feast.


I truly enjoyed our time together. You’re interesting, fun and clever. I hope we get a chance to continue our conversation soon.

I finished cleaning up another story for you. I hope you enjoy it and that you send some of yours to me.



A Feast

We talk on your couch, accompanied by the quiet moans and gasps of a porn video. We sit close to each other, drinking wine and making snide comments about the activity on the screen. Her makeup is wrong. I’ve never seen one so big. Those are definitely not natural. Now and then you stroke my arm or my knee; I stroke the back of your hands, your thigh, your side.

We share a joint and start to make out, kissing, rubbing and nibbling each other. We remove each other’s shirts and pants. I push you back on the couch and kiss your mouth and nuzzle your neck. You pull my right hand to your left breast; I gently squeeze and massage your breast and play with your nipple. My mouth moves slowly from your mouth and neck to your chest, the space between your breasts. I inhale deeply, enjoying your earthy scent.

My mouth moves to your right breast; I kiss and suck the nipple through the bra while squeezing your left breast firmly. You hold my head, occasionally pulling me closer to your breast, sometimes running you fingers through my hair.

I look you in the eye and we again kiss passionately, my right hand firmly massaging your left breast, your right hand holding onto my hard cock. I again kiss and taste your neck; moving up your neck I approach your ear. I squeeze your breast firmly and gently pinch your nipple as I give you a light lick in your ear and exhale lightly. You giggle and shiver.

I straddle you, sitting on your belly and lower ribs, kiss your kips passionately, then nuzzle your neck. As I lean forward my cock rubs against you. Then I hold both of your hands back over your head. I kiss, lick and nibble your throat and rub my cock between your breasts. I lie down on top of you and slowly taste you from collarbone to earlobe. Letting go of one hand, I squeeze your left breast hard while I flatten my wet tongue against your ear and lick your ear from earlobe to top.

You cry out, wiggle and squirm, but I pin you down, squeezing your breast, pinching your erect nipple, flutter-licking and blowing into your ear. Your body bucks, “Oh god. No! Stop!” but you’re clearly loving it. I stop and kiss your neck and mouth; you look both relieved and disappointed. So I pull down my briefs to let my erection loose and bring it to your lips.

Have you ever had a puppy? You’re both in the kitchen; she’s hungry and excited, knowing she’s about to be fed. She jumps against your leg excitedly, whimpering and giving little barks of anticipation. Then you feed her hamburger and her excitement redoubles, wiggling with excitement, she can barely contain her joy. Occasionally she glances up at you with gratitude.

That was your reaction to my cock at your lips. You sucked my hard penis into your mouth and out and in, occasionally making sounds of joy and looking up at me to see how much I’m enjoying it. (Immensely!) Squeezing the base while your lips move up and down and up and down then down your throat!! (I almost scream with pleasure.) You suck a few more times and back down your throat while you cup and stroke the underside of my balls. And again and again and again. It couldn’t have been more than 10 minutes, bit it felt like lifetimes – I had lost my sense of time, of anything, really, other than the overwhelming pleasure of your hand lips, mouth, tongue and throat.

After a little while, you ease off and push me onto my back, panting. You remove your bra and your wet panties. You rub, kiss and lick my face and body, sometimes holding or stroking my cock. Then you straddle my head and say, “My turn.” I don’t need convincing.

There’s nothing subtle about your approach: facing away from my cock, you drop your vulva on my lips almost before I can open my mouth and start to pump. I lick slowly and probe your labia and vagina with my tongue. My licking gets a little faster as I grab your buttcheeks in both hands and pull you onto my mouth with a rhythm that matches my tongue. Sometimes I grab your cheeks harder and my licking speeds up, up and down, side to side; then back to a slower rhythm again.

You moan and start rocking back and forth in your own rhythm. I slide my hands gently over your sides and up to your tits. I lick faster as I squeeze your right breast while I roll your left nipple between my fingertips. I ease off, then get more intense, three or four times; during the next ease off I slide first one, then two fingers in your vagina. I nibble your labia while my fingers slowly fuck your pussy, then I lick your clitoris gently. You moan and gasp repeatedly.

You’re really getting hot, grunting, pumping your pussy onto my mouth… so I slow down my fingers and my tongue. I roll you on your back, my two fingers deep and still in your very tight vagina. I lick my way from your pubic hair across your belly up to your breasts. I lick my way around your right breast spiraling in from the perimeter towards the nipple. I give your nipple a few slow licks, with my tongue flat and wide; my fingers gently start moving inside your pussy. Your breathing speeds up, I move my fingers firmly in and out and in and out while I suck your nipple hard and gently rub slide it in and out between my teeth. Your back starts to arch; you cry out.

But I slow to a stop and let you catch your breath. I gently remove my fingers from you wet cunt and slowly start to lick and stroke my way back to your erogenous center. My hand is holding your mound as I spend a long time licking, stroking and running my beard over your belly, hips, knees, the inside of your thighs. You smell and taste like deep pleasure, matching you gentle gasps and sighs. You reach for my hard cock, but I don’t let you.

Then without warning, my mouth is on your vulva again. My left hand is squeezing a butt cheek rhythmically as I start licking – slowly, but not gently. My fingers slide into your cunt again, slowly, but not gently. Your gasps, moans and movements tell me that the time is coming. My licking and pumping grow faster (and less predictable). Your moans are almost constant. My fingers pump deep and fast, my tongue flutters wildly.

And I slide a finger into your butthole and start to pump slowly.

That pushes you over the edge. Far over the edge! You thrash, pump your hips, cry out unintelligibly and loud as I pumping fingers into your cunt and your asshole, rapidly flutter-licking your clit. Until your back arches hard, your body spasms three or four times as you yell, “FUCK. FUCK! FUCK FUCK!FUCKFUCKFUCK FUCKFUCK!!!!” You fall back to the bed, panting and quivering.

This time, when you reach for my cock, I let you.

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