Step up extra high

September 3, 2017 Sunday

9:05 AM Sassy
Good morning! Hope you have a superb Sunday!

10:13 AM Phil
Good morning! You too!

10:16 AM Sassy
Off to brunch with some project folks – his dad died Friday. Try to help

10:19 AM Phil
Just finished church, doing some running around now. It’s good to be surrounded by friends when something like that happens.

10:27 AM Sassy
His wife was so good to me when I was in cancer treatment, worked at MGH and got me in there. Gotta step up extra high for her.   Took them enough food for a week.

10:30 AM Phil
Good girl

10:31 AM Sassy
Church good today?

I miss it… especially the singing.

11:22 AM Phil
It’s always good!

2:07 PM Sassy
First time at the Loading Dock in Belmont – delicious brunch and prepared Mediterranean food for later!

The deli 
The bakery
Lovely dining room 
Loaded Bloody Mary 
with celery, shrimp and bacon
White sangria
My Mediterranean eggs Benedict (Green Eggs and ham) 
with Sweet pea Hollandaise
Perfect side of crispy bacon
Hubby’s Western omelette
Chicken on a waffle
8:35 PM Sassy
Delightful dinner at Article 24 in Brighton
Deviled eggs w/ harissa and bacon
Pork dumplings
Hog wings – pork Lollichops pork with spicy house hoisin sauce
My Paella – mussels, shrimp, white fish, chorizo, chicken, 
peas, red bell peppers & saffron risotto
Hubby’s steak frites w/ parmesan fries, 
house steak sauce, chimichurri
Crispy Chicken BKT – bacon, shredded kale, 
tomato, caesar aioli with waffle fries
Ice cream waffle sandwich
Triple chocolate cake

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