Lady party

August 5, 2017 Saturday

3:41 PM Phil
Hey there sweet girl, hope you are having a great weekend! Mwahhhhh XXoo 
3:42 PM Sassy
I’m at a lady party.  
They’re talking about tattoos
3:43 PM Phil
Better than dildos
3:43 PM Sassy
Your photo got me going… you look so hot!
3:43 PM Phil
Ha! Just hanging at the beach
3:44 PM Sassy
3:44 PM Phil
Growing my hair out a bit. Tired of having it short
3:44 PM Sassy
Wanna run my hands thru
3:45 PM Phil
Ummmm, while my tongue is busy running through your hair?
Hee hee  😛
3:46 PM Sassy
Down there?
3:46 PM Phil
But of course
Lick lick lick
3:47 PM Sassy
Moaning and squirming
3:50 AM Phil
Heh heh, enjoy the ladies party
3:51 PM Sassy
Enjoy the beach
4:00 PM Phil
But of course my dear. 
Off to a brewery and then dinner with friends

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