Checking in w/ Brett

July 7, 2017 Friday
From: Sassy
To: Brett
Sent: Friday, Jul 7, 2017 at 3:54 PM
Subject: Friday memories
Hi Brett!  Hope you had a good week!  I’m remembering where I was last Friday and squirming in my chair at work.  🙂 
I’ve been working on pampering my feet this week, making them softer and healthier. The podiatrist gave me a prescription for “serious cream!” If it works you can check them out next time. 
My days have been quiet – finally saw Wonder Woman on Monday.  It was predictable but I enjoy knowing what all the fuss was about.  I am so over anything with the “WW1 bad Germans” theme.  
How was your holiday?  For the Fourth, we took my older sister and her beau up to Essex for lunch on the river.  They had never been and whined every time I posted about it on Facebook so I decided it was time!  We had a lovely table by the window. I was relieved that the place we love was in fine form for them! 
We went on up to the ice cream stand in the middle of the farms.  They had sugar free ice cream for my sister!  She is not eating any added sugar these days. We stopped by a farm stand – they had corn so I got a couple of ears to cook at home.  I got my sister home about 30 minutes before the city closed the roads for the Pops concert! We had a quiet evening at home.  I cooked the corn then watched the concert and fireworks online.  I was so happy to find free streaming!  
Work has been quiet.  My boss was on vacation and then came back in a great mood, so it’s been quite pleasant and I’ve gotten lots done.  
I only have a couple of weekend plans – another brunch with my older sister and her beau, and the annual bbq with my community group on Sunday!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!! 
Hugs with groping!  

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