Bite you

October 31, 2014 Friday
Happy Friday!

8:41am Philip

You too!

Sold the car!  Done! Small dealer on the corner took it.

5:24pm Philip

Awesome!  Good job!

6:21pm Philip

[photo of Philip smiling with some strange Halloween costume hat on]
6:22pm Philip
I’m going to bite you some place good

Yikes! Happy Halloween!  
What is that thing?  
You getting trick or treaters?

6:53pm Philip

A spooky spider!  
Hundreds of kids!


Any good costumes?

7:01pm Philip

Lot of Elsa but yeah.  This is like the old days


What are you handing out?

We don’t get anyone here.  
But a neighbor’s dog is dressed like a racehorse with a jockey riding!

7:08pm Philip

Always chocolate – almond joy, snickers, butter finger, zagnut, mounds, kitkat, million dollar
Let the kid choose. 


Did your wife dress up?

7:10pm Philip

She’s a witch


ha ha.
But what is she dressed up as?

7:13pm Philip


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