Strange days

Friday, August 15, 2014
6:18am Philip
Morning girl. Hope your day is good.

Trying to figure out exactly how I feel this morning. Sad, depressed, OK, I don’t know. I do know I have no choice but to move on, enjoy the memories when they come up and wish them the best. There is no recovery from this. I could never go back.


Happy Friday!
I’m splitting my brain between a soft smile over The Lawyer and a few tears over missing Kris.  Ah what strange days we are in!  Have a productive day!

8:05am Philip

Indeed. I am so messed up. My heart is broken and confused. My brain has no idea what is happening. Priests have more active sex  lives than I do. I’m the only guy I know that takes a woman out, drops a couple grand and is content with a kiss and thank you.  My joy came from seeing how happy she was and watching her pick out the fabric and colors. Then a delightful dinner, fun conversation in the ride home. It was a good night. I’m such a SAP

3:44pm Philip

Stuck in unreal traffic! How was your day? I’m going to have a beer when I get out of this and kiss a red head. Why the hell not?


Had a nice lunch at Border with a theater pal.  Gumbo!  Crawfish Étouffée! Headed home now.  Hope the traffic lets up!

3:57pm Philip

Sounds wonderful!  I’m traveling next week. Almost out of the traffic. There’s a smooch and a handful of a very nice ass coming up.

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