Stormy 4th

Friday, July 4, 2014
It’s odd to have already had “the 4th” on the 3rd. Happy Independence Day anyway!

“The Beach Boys brought a little California sunshine to the annual Fourth of July concert at the Hatch Shell Thursday before heavy rains and lightning struck.”
Seeing some rain?  
Radio said the eye was over the D.C. area this morning…
10:05am Phil 
Happy 4th. We just got some heavy rain and wind. It’s already moving out
Yay!   Check out the vid of our t-storm last night on my wall!
Friend is on the Old Ironsides turn around cruise – posting video of the 21-gun salute!  Makes me remember your visit there.
12:59pm Phil 
Oh I love that ship. Where is the video?
on her FB page marked private.

2:13pm Phil 

Can’t forward it
Nope… tried.  May try download later… sorry!
2:14pm Phil 

Huge tree down after last night’s storm

Out with Mom for lunch

2:15pm Phil 


BBQ Turkey tips!
3:50pm Phil 
Happy fourth
[Photo of him smiling, in a beach chair, wearing shades, showing off his beautiful shoulders and chest]
Hubba hubba.  Wanna touch that skin! It’s pouring here.

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