Incognito Browsing Lesson

Saturday, June 14, 2014
Me: Good morning Mr Hanky Panky Spanky! 9:24 AM
Me: Who were you rooting for in the Stanley Cup? I keep an eye on baseball and figure skating. 9:27 AM
Kris: Good morning! 9:44 AM
Kris: Didn’t really care that much who won…it was “do or die” for NY Rangers so leaning toward them as “underdogs”. Just checked and LA Kings beat them in double overtime…won Stanley Cup. baseball and figure skating. we’ll see if I can remember! ANYHOW on with the day. Smooch! 9:55 AM
Me: Hiya beguiling smiling man! How’re you doing this fine evening? 8:04 PM
Kris: Frustrated…dealing with paying bills…providing info to company to refinance mortgage but both computer and printer/scanner acting up. Arrgh! Was thinking of texting u one second before u texted me! Wanted to chat with u BADL .but now have to do work till midnight. 🙁 How u doin? 8:14 PM
Me: Sorry to hear you aren’t having fun! Hope it resolves easily. I’m good – had a little excursion to Stoughton, searching for new desk chair for Hubby. Tried the Smokey Bones BBQ place -YUM! 8:16 PM
Kris: Smiling again. your enjoyment is so “out there” makes me laugh. smile. wish I could continue… but have to force myself to work now. 12 is prob too late to chat? 8:21 PM
Kris: Will u still b up at 12…or too late to chat then? 8:29 PM
Me: Not sure. I’ll leave the chat window open until I go to bed. 8:34 PM
Kris: Ok. if u go to bed text me so i can tuck u in. 😉 “beguiling” is an interesting word. one brief dictionary gives this: “cheating, charming”. THAT made me laugh for sure…in THIS context especially. 8:41 PM
Me: I’ve never got the cheating part. Google define says “charm or enchant (someone), sometimes in a deceptive way. Charm, attract, enchant, entrance, win over, woo, captivate, bewitch, spellbind, dazzle, hypnotize, mesmerize, seduce” which is certainly you! 8:52 PM
Kris: Ah shucks! (this is so painful…want to chat so badly. have to pull myself away. maybe tomorrow if u can’t stay up tonite). 9:00 PM
Kris: Cant resist. no YOU dont get the cheating part. W does…ok REALLY have to resist YOUR charms for awhile. Feel free to respond (or not) but next “check in” for me will b 12. text if/when u go nite nite. so i can tuck u in. 🙂 9:08 PM
Kris: shouldnt b on here but quickly….ask old flame exactly which Harley he’s buying? Wondering if his is more of a “cool, stripped-down bike” than mine. His sounds like it is for tooling around town. Mine is for long distance and comfort (especially back seats…wink!). go to  10:29 PM
Kris: Done! still up? chat? 11:47 PM


·       Jun 14 11:47 PM Kris: Done! Finally! U still up? “chattable” for a bit?
·       Jun 14 11:47 PM Sassy: Hiya!
·       Jun 14 11:48 PM Kris: Got a little life left in ya?
·       Jun 14 11:48 PM Sassy: A little
·       Jun 14 11:49 PM Sassy: What did you want to talk about?
·       Jun 14 11:49 PM Kris: didn’t have anything in particular in mind, just missed chatting with you
·       Jun 14 11:49 PM Sassy: Awww
·       Jun 14 11:49 PM Kris: anything on your mind?
·       Jun 14 11:50 PM Sassy: amazingly brainless!
·       Jun 14 11:51 PM Kris: tired. it’s late…
·       Jun 14 11:53 PM Kris: meant “tired”? asking u
·       Jun 14 11:54 PM Sassy: Yeah…not sure why… I slept a lot
·       Jun 14 11:54 PM Kris: when did you sleep?
·       Jun 14 11:55 PM Sassy: from 11 pm – 5:30 am, then from 8 am to about 11:30 am
·       Jun 14 11:55 PM Sassy: then went to pharmacy, post office, IKEA, Staples and Smokey Bones!
·       Jun 14 11:58 PM Kris: laughing and smiling again at “Smokey Bones” I will never stop enjoying and smiling at your “lusty enjoyment” of food and sex. : )
·       Jun 14 11:58 PM Sassy: I like trying new places, and new dishes
·       Jun 14 11:58 PM Sassy: I had the most evil, delicious dessert
·       Jun 14 11:59 PM Kris: what was it?
·       Jun 14 11:59 PM Sassy: they took little bites of chocolate cake, fried them in donut batter, dusted them with cinnamon and served them with a raspberry dipping sauce
·       Jun 15 12:00 AM Kris: wow! your description alone is “tantalizing”…sounds yummy!
·       Jun 15 12:00 AM Kris: find an office chair for H?
·       Jun 15 12:01 AM Sassy: I think so… we didn’t come home with one, but he saw one he thinks he can order online
·       Jun 15 12:01 AM Kris: from ikea or staples?
·       Jun 15 12:01 AM Sassy: Staples
·       Jun 15 12:01 AM Sassy: Very tricky because he is heavy and broad
·       Jun 15 12:02 AM Sassy: and tall
·       Jun 15 12:03 AM Kris: yeah….most office chairs aren’t built all that sturdy. I bought one from staples and the cheap, plastic wheels had to be replaced in less than a year. metal would be better for bases and wheels but everything’s plastic these days.
·       Jun 15 12:03 AM Sassy: We found a metal one
·       Jun 15 12:03 AM Sassy: He has broken a lot of plastic ones
·       Jun 15 12:03 AM Sassy: and the seats go down and won’t come back up
·       Jun 15 12:04 AM Kris: know what you mean – happens for even average-sized people.  a big guy would probably wear a cheap one out fast. hope the one he has his eye on works out for him.
·       Jun 15 12:05 AM Kris: how far is stoughton?
·       Jun 15 12:05 AM Sassy: He had an old one that was okay. I brought a new one home from the office, told him not to trash his old one until he knew the new one was okay
·       Jun 15 12:05 AM Sassy: Of course he didn’t listen to me
·       Jun 15 12:05 AM Sassy: About 45 min
·       Jun 15 12:05 AM Kris: so what happened…go on…
·       Jun 15 12:06 AM Sassy: new one sucks
·       Jun 15 12:06 AM Kris: not comfortable?
·       Jun 15 12:06 AM Sassy: hurts his legs, it’s too low
·       Jun 15 12:06 AM Sassy: he added a pillow but it doesn’t work
·       Jun 15 12:06 AM Kris: how long’s he been using it?
·       Jun 15 12:07 AM Sassy: a couple of months
·       Jun 15 12:07 AM Kris: was the trip there and back relatively enjoyable/ok?
·       Jun 15 12:07 AM Sassy: Nice to get out and about
·       Jun 15 12:07 AM Kris: no “incidents’ or meltdowns?
·       Jun 15 12:08 AM Sassy: not this time
·       Jun 15 12:08 AM Sassy: there was a little glitch. We went to Staples, then IKEA
·       Jun 15 12:08 AM Kris: well, that’s good….glad you got to get out…it was a nice day.
·       Jun 15 12:08 AM Sassy: IKEA had nothing so we went back to Staples to get the chair, or order one
·       Jun 15 12:09 AM Sassy: I let him go in alone
·       Jun 15 12:09 AM Sassy: He came back out, said he couldn’t get anyone to help him
·       Jun 15 12:09 AM Sassy: *sigh
·       Jun 15 12:09 AM Kris: do you think that’s true…or he isn’t assertive enough?
·       Jun 15 12:09 AM Sassy: He is completely unassertive
·       Jun 15 12:10 AM Kris: so he’d just passively wander around and if no one approached him he wouldn’t ask for help?
·       Jun 15 12:10 AM Sassy: If it involves interrupting someone or asking for help, not happening
·       Jun 15 12:10 AM Kris: Hmmmm. so did you offer to go back in with him?
·       Jun 15 12:11 AM Sassy: Yes
·       Jun 15 12:11 AM Sassy: Or go myself
·       Jun 15 12:11 AM Kris: what did he say?
·       Jun 15 12:11 AM Sassy: He just wanted to go home
·       Jun 15 12:11 AM Sassy: Said he’d deal with it online
·       Jun 15 12:11 AM Kris: hard to know the quality of something online though
·       Jun 15 12:12 AM Sassy: He will order the one he sat in there
·       Jun 15 12:12 AM Kris: at staples?
·       Jun 15 12:12 AM Sassy: Yes
·       Jun 15 12:12 AM Kris: well that makes sense
·       Jun 15 12:12 AM Kris: would you have been able to fit it in your car?
·       Jun 15 12:13 AM Sassy: I think so
·       Jun 15 12:13 AM Sassy: the back folds down
·       Jun 15 12:13 AM Kris: probably would have.
·       Jun 15 12:13 AM Kris: have any plans for tomorrow?
·       Jun 15 12:13 AM Sassy: Nope.
·       Jun 15 12:14 AM Sassy: You?
·       Jun 15 12:14 AM Kris: I should probably finally put the garden in…didn’t get to it last weekend and now it’s late. will probably buy veggie plants instead of starting so much from seed. growing season short now.
·       Jun 15 12:14 AM Kris: I’d like to chat with you tomorrow. if you’re free before it gets too late.
·       Jun 15 12:15 AM Sassy: Sounds good
·       Jun 15 12:16 AM Sassy: I like chatting with you.
·       Jun 15 12:16 AM Sassy: And touching you
·       Jun 15 12:16 AM Sassy: And you touching me
·       Jun 15 12:16 AM Sassy: etc
·       Jun 15 12:17 AM Kris: ok. have to insert this in the front. ME TOO! now this is what I started to write: Saturday nights are probably best for chatting cuz don’t have to get up for work next day. should try to get work done ahead of time. have a “preferred” frame of time for tomorrow that would work better than another?
·       Jun 15 12:19 AM Kris: meant Saturday nights but not so late….
·       Jun 15 12:19 AM Sassy: not sure what I’ll get up to
·       Jun 15 12:19 AM Sassy: Probably just be here
·       Jun 15 12:19 AM Sassy: Hubby has to work on a project
·       Jun 15 12:20 AM Kris: there at home?
·       Jun 15 12:20 AM Sassy: yes
·       Jun 15 12:21 AM Kris: just going to put this out there – I think about you…A LOT.
·       Jun 15 12:22 AM Kris: fantasize – some sexual…some just being with you doing stuff.
·       Jun 15 12:24 AM Sassy: Really?
·       Jun 15 12:24 AM Sassy: I hope it brightens your day
·       Jun 15 12:25 AM Kris: yes. it does brighten my day! does that surprise you? that I think about you a lot? wish I had more money…will have a little more in a couple of weeks to do more things, go some place, get a room if your place isn’t available. you can come to my place soon but week days may not work for you and weekends you have lunch with mom but been fantasizing about that – you coming here
·       Jun 15 12:25 AM Kris: or boating. or visiting your work…
·       Jun 15 12:26 AM Kris: or visiting some of your favorite places.
·       Jun 15 12:26 AM Kris: or HAVING LUNCH WITH YOU AND YOUR MOM!!!! ; D
·       Jun 15 12:26 AM Sassy: Hee
·       Jun 15 12:27 AM Kris: I was intrigued at what you actually said to your mom about buying batteries.
·       Jun 15 12:27 AM Sassy: Oh?
·       Jun 15 12:28 AM Sassy: That is very rare for me. I am usually the good girl 100%
·       Jun 15 12:28 AM Kris: You didn’t lie to her. you just told her “don’t ask”. found that “interesting”
·       Jun 15 12:28 AM Kris: You WERE the good girl 100%. you didn’t lie to her.
·       Jun 15 12:29 AM Sassy: yeah but usually I am not so stupid to buy something that will cause questions without an excuse!
·       Jun 15 12:29 AM Kris: lol!
·       Jun 15 12:29 AM Kris: so who could I be.? that you could live with?
·       Jun 15 12:30 AM Kris: as far as what you would tell your mom and we had lunch together?
·       Jun 15 12:30 AM Sassy: I should’ve gone to another line and paid myself but she was tossing all my stuff on the counter. couldn’t resist letting her pay!
·       Jun 15 12:30 AM Kris: you’re funny!
·       Jun 15 12:30 AM Sassy: I’ve been mulling that over.
·       Jun 15 12:30 AM Kris: come up with anything?
·       Jun 15 12:30 AM Sassy: Wondering if the truth will work
·       Jun 15 12:30 AM Sassy: “This is my friend Kris”
·       Jun 15 12:31 AM Sassy: “from NH”
·       Jun 15 12:31 AM Sassy: “How did you two meet?”
·       Jun 15 12:31 AM Sassy: Online
·       Jun 15 12:31 AM Sassy: Oh… are you married Kris? have children?
·        Jun 15 12:31 AM Sassy: Yes
·       Jun 15 12:32 AM Kris: And! will she be ok with all of that?
·       Jun 15 12:32 AM Sassy: I dunno
·       Jun 15 12:32 AM Sassy: Trying to anticipate what she will say is tricky!
·       Jun 15 12:32 AM Sassy: Like the day we went to the same sex wedding
·       Jun 15 12:33 AM Sassy: and she said she didn’t go for these modern weddings and I was like… How come?
·       Jun 15 12:33 AM Sassy: “They were clapping!” she says
·       Jun 15 12:33 AM Kris: you told me that…that’s hysterical!
·       Jun 15 12:33 AM Sassy: Typical
·       Jun 15 12:34 AM Kris: maybe you could tell her I’m interested in your project…which I am.
·       Jun 15 12:34 AM Sassy: I thought of that
·       Jun 15 12:35 AM Kris: I think she would connect with me more than usual, if I told her what I did for a living before this job
·       Jun 15 12:35 AM Sassy: oh?
·       Jun 15 12:35 AM Kris: very likely
·       Jun 15 12:35 AM Sassy: what did you do before?
·       Jun 15 12:36 AM Kris: you’ll have to wait until I tell her at lunch. I want to get laid a few more times first. don’t want to blow your mind and scare you off so soon.
·       Jun 15 12:37 AM Sassy: Oh please…
·       Jun 15 12:37 AM Sassy: Unless you were a Republican fund raiser, it’s fine
·       Jun 15 12:38 AM Kris: come on now. you’re losing your characteristic “low level of curiosity” becoming a little “flappable” here.
·       Jun 15 12:38 AM Kris: nope…not a Republican fund raiser
·       Jun 15 12:38 AM Sassy: I have a low level of curiosity? Nosy Sassy?
·       Jun 15 12:39 AM Sassy: I am always poking around in your head!
·       Jun 15 12:39 AM Sassy: And many parts of your body.  : )
·       Jun 15 12:39 AM Kris: poking around with your head is more like it.
·       Jun 15 12:40 AM Kris: I’ll tell you something I shouldn’t (again).
·       Jun 15 12:40 AM Kris: I almost got caught by W today…
·       Jun 15 12:40 AM Sassy: Caught doing what?
·       Jun 15 12:40 AM Kris: forgot to clear the internet browser.
·       Jun 15 12:41 AM Sassy: What would she have seen?
·       Jun 15 12:41 AM Kris: all of our emails on Yahoo
·       Jun 15 12:42 AM Kris: she was logging into her email account and my mischief user name showed up in the drop-down menu.
·       Jun 15 12:42 AM Kris: she asked me if I created an account with that name
·       Jun 15 12:42 AM Sassy: yikes
·       Jun 15 12:42 AM Kris: I said, no…have no idea what you’re talking about.
·       Jun 15 12:43 AM Kris: fortunately she didn’t open it…and I acted calmly and let her continue until she was done.
·       Jun 15 12:43 AM Sassy: eep
·       Jun 15 12:43 AM Kris: then I cleared the browsing history and reset it so that even the usernames don’t get repopulated.
·       Jun 15 12:43 AM Sassy: do you know how to browse incognito?
·       Jun 15 12:44 AM Kris: not sure what you mean?
·       Jun 15 12:44 AM Sassy: there is a way to browse so it doesn’t leave any history
·       Jun 15 12:44 AM Kris: no…I only know how to clear it when I’m done.
·       Jun 15 12:44 AM Sassy: which browser do you use?
·       Jun 15 12:45 AM Kris: mostly Google Chrome, sometimes IE.
·       Jun 15 12:46 AM Sassy: Okay. In Chrome – go to FILE at the upper left. 3rd option down is “new incognito window”
·       Jun 15 12:46 AM Sassy: It won’t track anything you do there
·       Jun 15 12:47 AM Kris: just did. give a description of how it works…just like you’re saying…cool!
·       Jun 15 12:47 AM Sassy: It’s a little odd as it won’t remember other stuff you may be used to a browser saving… but it is so much safer!
·       Jun 15 12:47 AM Sassy: I think it’s funny how it says “watch out for people standing behind you!”
·       Jun 15 12:48 AM Kris: right…I’ll take “safer” any day in this situation!
·       Jun 15 12:48 AM Sassy: I think all the browsers have something similar these days
·       Jun 15 12:48 AM Kris: just read the “people standing behind you” warning – that IS funny!
·       Jun 15 12:49 AM Sassy: You can tell in Chrome because the upper border is blue
·       Jun 15 12:49 AM Sassy: and there’s a little secret guy on the upper right
·       Jun 15 12:49 AM Sassy: There… you learned something!
·       Jun 15 12:50 AM Kris: THANKS!
·       Jun 15 12:52 AM Sassy:  ; )
·       Jun 15 12:53 AM Kris: If keeping me around a little longer is something you’d want to do, helping me not get caught could be in your self-interest. ; ) but remember that if I get caught you will NOT be harmed in any way. your true identity will NOT be disclosed (even if my wife was curious–which I highly doubt she would be) and NO ONE will “come after you” to hurt you. you’ll just lose an “ok fuck buddy”…
·       Jun 15 12:54 AM Kris: I, on the other hand, will be in deep doo doo, which I’m going to do everything in my power to avoid!
·       Jun 15 12:54 AM Sassy: Usually if you lie low, wait about 3 weeks, we could start up again
·       Jun 15 12:54 AM Kris: r u serious?
·       Jun 15 12:54 AM Sassy: That’s the usual pattern
·       Jun 15 12:55 AM Sassy: It feels like the end of the world but then… it isn’t
·       Jun 15 12:55 AM Sassy: Remind me to give you the 10 tips on what to do and not do if you get caught.
·       Jun 15 12:55 AM Sassy: A blogger wrote a very perceptive post about it
·       Jun 15 12:56 AM Kris: ok….you could email it to me
·       Jun 15 12:56 AM Kris: hope to never have to use it, but might be interesting to read.
·       Jun 15 12:58 AM Sassy: Definitely want to be prepared, so you don’t ever need it. : )
·       Jun 15 12:58 AM Kris: u were tired when we started over an hour ago. how u doing?
·       Jun 15 12:58 AM Sassy: You energize me
·       Jun 15 12:58 AM Kris: same here  : )
·       Jun 15 12:58 AM Kris: r u finished “talking to me” about my “low self-esteem”? LOL!
·       Jun 15 1:00 AM Sassy: Are you finished being self-deprecatory?
·       Jun 15 1:00 AM Kris: do you want me to be finished? Sometimes I think it’s fun… hmmm
·       Jun 15 1:01 AM Sassy: You thought about this affair thing for awhile right?
·       Jun 15 1:01 AM Kris: what do you mean?
·       Jun 15 1:02 AM Sassy: You planned and plotted and wrote a profile and dreamed?
·       Jun 15 1:02 AM Kris: yes
·       Jun 15 1:02 AM Sassy: and you did it!
·       Jun 15 1:03 AM Kris: well….”sort of” but not the way I’d like it to be in every aspect
·       Jun 15 1:03 AM Sassy: Of course… but you have a lot
·       Jun 15 1:03 AM Sassy: you are pretty smart
·       Jun 15 1:04 AM Sassy: And you have a very savvy sassy woman in your clutches
·       Jun 15 1:04 AM Sassy: And you are (mostly) fooling your wife
·       Jun 15 1:05 AM Kris: what do you mean by “I have a lot”?
·       Jun 15 1:07 AM Sassy: You have a sexy smart woman who makes you smile and has fun with you in lots of ways, right?
·       Jun 15 1:07 AM Sassy: And you know how tough that is but you are special. Many guys never make it work. But you have!
·       Jun 15 1:07 AM Kris: yes, but you’re not the problem
·       Jun 15 1:11 AM Sassy: Give yourself credit.
·       Jun 15 1:11 AM Sassy: See what I see.
·       Jun 15 1:11 AM Kris: I haven’t figured it out yet…but there’s something slightly blocking me when we have sex. it’s not you. you’re great. something in my head that I need to figure out how to “clear out” so I can give you a “proper fucking”. I will stop talking about it if you are really sick of hearing it (which I won’t blame you if you are) but it bothers me. but there is a LOT of good things about “you and me” and as time goes on I feel even better about all of that. so what you have said is true… and I am very thankful to have a savvy sassy woman to be with.
·        Jun 15 1:12 AM Sassy: Like with any new thing, you can’t expect it to jump in and have it be perfect and know how to deal.
·       Jun 15 1:12 AM Sassy: It takes time and practice and a lot of thinking
·       Jun 15 1:12 AM Sassy: (even though less thinking might be better but never mind, I know better than to ask that of you!)
·       Jun 15 1:13 AM Kris: ha ha
·       Jun 15 1:13 AM Kris: I like it when you get REALLY sassy with me. like when you gave me the finger on the sofa. that was so “unlike you”. it really made me laugh.
·       Jun 15 1:14 AM Kris: but the coffee cup rebuke scared me a little, like “oh shit” she’s actually pissed off at me.
·       Jun 15 1:16 AM Sassy: What coffee cup rebuke?
·       Jun 15 1:16 AM Kris: you’re teasing me now…right?
·       Jun 15 1:17 AM Sassy: no. I don’t know what you are referring to
·       Jun 15 1:17 AM Kris: seriously?!
·       Jun 15 1:19 AM Sassy: Yes. I don’t think I’ve ever rebuked anyone
·       Jun 15 1:21 AM Kris: you sent me a pic of a coffee cup and I said I thought it was going to be something sexual and you said,”should I be miffed? does everything have to be sexual?” maybe “rebuke” is too strong but you ”’chided”me a little and you had never done that before…AT ALL EVER. so I took it seriously and apologized…maybe I read into it too much (since I “overthink” everything. ; )
·       Jun 15 1:23 AM Sassy: Ah! Right… no I was just noticing, wondering
·       Jun 15 1:25 AM Kris: well I don’t want to stop having fun talking about sex with you but it seems like we’ve moved into a slightly “more comfortable” (but NOT boring) stage of not having to have it dominate EVERY sentence of conversation between us. which is a nice segue into——so if we’re going to do any of these “other things” I’ve been dreaming of (and some you’ve suggested”) we should put some on the calendar, if that’s possible, to plan ahead a little.  maybe think about some things if we can chat tomorrow. the “window of opportunity” during the few weeks of my wife being gone is one I’d like to take advantage of….with YOU!
·       Jun 15 1:26 AM Sassy: Sounds good
·       Jun 15 1:28 AM Kris: so it’s almost 1:30 and I perked you up and you me…. but ready for bed? or still up? I can go either way.
·       Jun 15 1:28 AM Sassy: I still want to talk about sex a lot.  : )
·       Jun 15 1:28 AM Sassy: But It does not have to be tonight.
·       Jun 15 1:29 AM Kris: I would wonder if you stopped wanting to. lol!
·       Jun 15 1:29 AM Kris: me too!…want to.
·       Jun 15 1:30 AM Kris: go ahead
·       Jun 15 1:31 AM Sassy: Hee hee
·       Jun 15 1:31 AM Sassy: I keep thinking about THE SOFA!
·       Jun 15 1:31 AM Sassy: And I get all tingly
·       Jun 15 1:31 AM Sassy: kinda of pulsing right now
·       Jun 15 1:31 AM Sassy: thinking of you
·       Jun 15 1:32 AM Sassy: methodically figuring out how to make that little vibe work wonders on me!
·       Jun 15 1:32 AM Kris: me figuring it out?
·       Jun 15 1:32 AM Sassy: trying different things
·       Jun 15 1:33 AM Sassy: until BOOM
·       Jun 15 1:33 AM Kris: I was surprised – you not being a “clit girl” and all
·       Jun 15 1:33 AM Sassy: Me too!
·       Jun 15 1:33 AM Sassy: I want to find the magic spots on you
·       Jun 15 1:33 AM Sassy: Been thinking about that
·       Jun 15 1:35 AM Kris: you do find them. you explore all over…but men are pretty “simple” it’s really in one main place which doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out or find and you know EXACTLY where it is and skillfully work it till I come every time….other than me selfishly fucking you to come inside you.
·       Jun 15 1:36 AM Kris: not to question your reporting (again!) but not sure about that “boom”
·       Jun 15 1:36 AM Sassy: I want to try that sensitive spot, and around your ass, and at the top, where your gorgeous cock comes out of your body
·       Jun 15 1:37 AM Kris: I promise I won’t stop you. lol
·       Jun 15 1:37 AM Sassy: I hope some of that feels really good
·       Jun 15 1:37 AM Kris: I don’t see how I COULDN’T but it will be fun to find out!
·       Jun 15 1:38 AM Sassy: Anticipation is a good thing
·       Jun 15 1:38 AM Kris: yes…but you know something else I was thinking about
·       Jun 15 1:39 AM Sassy: what?
·       Jun 15 1:39 AM Kris: we had this “plan” the last time but it kind of got “reversed” where I got to “do you” first and I really like that…..then later you did me…..but not what we planned but that was fine.
·       Jun 15 1:41 AM Sassy: I worried that you’d be disappointed
·       Jun 15 1:42 AM Sassy: I wish I knew exactly what worked… the music, the naked/not dynamic, the sofa, the vibe, talking…
·       Jun 15 1:42 AM Kris: NO. it goes back to wanting to be able to give you pleasure. that disappoints me more than not receiving it…..receiving it (especially from YOU) is the easy part and one way or the other you ALWAYS “give it to me”….no disappointment.
·       Jun 15 1:43 AM Kris: I was thinking about that too. it’s tempting to try and “duplicate” experiences but it doesn’t always work that way.
·       Jun 15 1:43 AM Kris: sometimes “things just happen” even an “overly-analytical” guy like me has to accept that reality once in a while. lol
·       Jun 15 1:44 AM Sassy: I’m hoping now that I’ve been able to cum, I can do it again and again
·       Jun 15 1:44 AM Kris: I want to believe you did cum. don’t get mad at me.
·       Jun 15 1:46 AM Kris: not to change the subject…but I have to laugh at the two of us.
·       Jun 15 1:46 AM Sassy: oh?
·       Jun 15 1:46 AM Kris: we say we don’t have to talk about sex tonight then launch right into it. that amuses me…but it’s fun!
·       Jun 15 1:47 AM Kris: sorry – weird sense of humor…case you haven’t figured that out yet.
·       Jun 15 1:48 AM Kris: so I want to believe you did cum. don’t get mad at me (deja vu all over again)
·       Jun 15 1:49 AM Kris: sorry. you must feel like you’re in the twilight zone chatting with me sometimes. jump from one thing to another.
·       Jun 15 1:50 AM Kris: your turn (if you’re still awake)….almost 2 am
·       Jun 15 1:51 AM Sassy: I am trying to figure out how not to clobber you for doubting
·       Jun 15 1:51 AM Kris: now I’m REALLY laughing…but probably shouldn’t be.
·       Jun 15 1:51 AM Sassy: Hubby is wondering why I am giggling
·       Jun 15 1:51 AM Kris: really?
·       Jun 15 1:52 AM Sassy: Why am I giggling? Hmm…
·       Jun 15 1:52 AM Kris: no…is he really wondering?
·       Jun 15 1:52 AM Sassy: Yes
·       Jun 15 1:53 AM Sassy: He is sitting in the recliner reading
·       Jun 15 1:53 AM Kris: by looking at you…”askingly”?
·       Jun 15 1:54 AM Sassy: yes
·       Jun 15 1:55 AM Kris: asking?…..or just looking with that “what’s going on over there” look on his face?
·       Jun 15 1:55 AM Sassy: at least it is giggling and not heavy breathing or moaning!
·       Jun 15 1:55 AM Kris: have you done that with him in the room?!
·       Jun 15 1:55 AM Sassy: He said “Hmmm? What’s so funny?”
·       Jun 15 1:55 AM Kris: what did you say?
·       Jun 15 1:56 AM Sassy: Yeah… bad Sassy
·       Jun 15 1:56 AM Sassy: It just slipped out during a hot cyber session
·       Jun 15 1:56 AM Sassy: I didn’t answer
·       Jun 15 1:57 AM Kris: the heavy breathing and moaning just slipped out?
·       Jun 15 1:57 AM Sassy: yeah
·       Jun 15 1:57 AM Sassy: that was a long time ago
·       Jun 15 1:57 AM Sassy: I should get to bed
·       Jun 15 1:58 AM Sassy: You should too!
·       Jun 15 1:58 AM Kris: me too. night sexy Sassy. I’d really like to chat tomorrow…maybe make some plans.
·       Jun 15 1:58 AM Sassy: but this is so fun!
·       Jun 15 1:58 AM Sassy: okay
·       Jun 15 1:58 AM Sassy: Sleep well!

·       Jun 15 1:58 AM Kris: sweet dreams!

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