Planning another meet!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014
Me: Good morning hot stuff! 7:52 AM
NH Man: Good morning. Going to your state 7:52 AM
Me: Why? 7:53 AM
NH Man: For work  7:55 AM
Me: Ooh! Nifty! Have fun! 7:59 AM
NH Man: I always enjoy going to watch 100’s of entitled state workers screwing off all day. I like to see my tax dollars at work. 8:01 AM
Me: You don’t pay them. I do! 8:05 AM
NH Man: I file Mass taxes every year so I do pay and get little in return for all the money I send to Deval 8:07 AM
Me: Do you have to go straight home? Pop by for supper or whatever? 12:44 PM
NH Man: I’m on my way back already. Maybe Friday afternoon? 12:45 PM
Me: Keep me in mind. 🙂 1:07 PM
NH Man: Can you send hubby on an errand Friday? 1:08 PM
Me: Yup. 1:09 PM
NH Man: What time is good? 1:10 PM
Me: I’m flexible. When is good for you? 1:16 PM
NH Man: After 4 1:17 PM
Me: Could you pick me up at work at 4:30 pm? 1:19 PM
NH Man: Sure. Address? 1:21 PM
Me: Yay! [address redacted]. 1:29 PM
NH Man: Ok 1:30 PM
Me: Usually you can wait on the street but if parking cop gets silly, go next door. 1:32 PM
Me: How long should I tell Hubby to vamoose? 1:32 PM
NH Man: I will need to leave by 6:30 1:34 PM

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