2015 posts

Dear Readers,

There is a strange and wonderful convergence of the numbers 2 and 15 and 2015 today, and a blog milestone:

Today’s date is 2/15/15

The year is 2015

And this post is my 2015th post!  Whee!

You may find it bizarre what sticks in my mind as worth noting or celebrating, but this moment seems worthy of a little recognition and reflection.  But not too much!

So here it is… pour your favorite festive beverage and raise your glass with me for a toast to the sassy posts that have past – and to the men who have them possible! and perhaps to me who took a crazy idea in December 2011 and has been running in odd directions with it ever since!  

Thank you for being part of it!  Stay tuned for more wacky adventures!!


One thought on “2015 posts

  1. Come on now, I bet you planned that way back in 2011! Admit it! 🙂

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