You suck way better

Sunday, January 19, 2014 
9:03am Sassy 
Good morning!  Did you make it back to DC?
10:41am Phil 
Morning! We did
4:55pm Phil 
Pats are sucking. Damn that’s too bad.

4:55pm Sassy 

Take off your clothes!
4:56pm Phil 
Ha ha! Wearing my team shirt and loving it!
4:57pm Phil 
[photo of him toasting me with a beer]
4:59pm Sassy
The pants then… wanna suck like Pats do!

5:01pm Phil 

Oh I think you suck way better than they do

5:01pm Sassy 

Well, thanks sweetie.  I want to lick, too.          
5:04pm Phil
You do that well too
Now sitting in a bar with a hard throbbing dick. Thanks!
5:07pm Sassy
Wish I could play with it…

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