Sunday, January 12, 2014
10:14 AM
Me: Good morning! Quiet day, then back to the arena for exhibitions tonight 
10:46 AM
NH Man: Have fun going sledding if there is any snow left 
10:47 AM
Me: Do you sled?
10:48 AM
NH Man: Sometimes. Not much sledding in your area.  I mostly help the kids pull their sleds up the hill but will go down from to time
10:59 AM
Me: I am imagining you sailing down a hill with a kid between your legs, yelling Wheee!! It makes me smile. 
11:32 AM
NH Man: Some kids just never grow up
5:24 PM
Me: We got back stage passes! 
5:25 PM
NH Man: Watch out for Tanya Harding. She might whack you on the knee.
5:30 PM
Me: Ha ha. Luckily she was banned for life! 

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