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Saturday, January 11, 2014
10:22am Sassy
Good morning kid!  You back on the East Coast?       
11:42am Phil
Yes, warm but raining. Found a house!
[photo of the front of his new house]
11:44am Phil  
Got a great backyard!
[photo of his backyard]
11:47am Sassy
Wow! Spectacular! Congratulations! 
I’m off to a project meeting, then back to the arena for more skating!

2:43pm Sassy
Back at the TD Garden for the pairs final!

4:10pm Sassy

Pairs surprise – Castelli & Shnapir first, Zhang & Bartholomay SECOND! Olympics Ho!
4:29pm Sassy
Time for the ice dance free program!

7:45pm Sassy

Enjoying the best food of Japan, China and Thailand @ All Seasons Table! 

8:55pm Sassy  

Back home at last.  You watching football?

9:15pm Phil  
Yeah, friggin Pats

10:56pm Sassy

Wow! What a ladies final! Gold for Gracie Gold, silver for Polina Edmunds, bronze for Marai Nagasu, pewter for Ashley Wagner. Thanks NBC for showing it live!
11:25pm Phil  
Wore out. Had a great day though!
11:27pm  Sassy  
What did you do?
11:39pm Phil  
Drove to the new place, got utilities, bought shrimp and crabs at the market, went to the cigar bar, watched football
11:40pm Sassy  
When can you move in?

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