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Thursday, January 9, 2014

12:56am Phil  
Headed South to [redacted]! Nice here!

12:57am Sassy  
Never been.

12:58am Phil  
Neat southern feel. Doing some work. Oysters and beer tomorrow

12:58am Sassy  
Warmer there?

6:01am Phil  
A bit
8:54am Sassy
Good morning kid!

9:21am Sassy
Off to TD Garden to see skating!  It’s Junior Men, Junior Dance and Senior Ladies short program today. Hope you have a productive Thursday!

1:21pm Sassy
Time for junior dance free program finals!

6:43pm Phil  

8:05 pm Sassy
Time for the Ladies short program! 
11:04pm Sassy
 Gracie Gold wins the short! 
11:26pm Sassy
Saw Michelle Kwan inducted into the International Skating Hall of Fame, waved to Tenley Albright on the concourse and rode the elevator with Nancy Kerrigan! Gotta luv skating events!

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