Swell both heads

Friday December 20, 2013

From: Sassy
To: Blog Fan
Date: Fri, Dec 20, 2013 at 12:23 PM
Subject: re: Back home…

Mmm…you made that very special.

Today I can’t stop thinking about your hands on my ass, pulling me onto your thick sexy cock!

Happy Friday!


From: Blog Fan
To: Sassy
Date: Fri, Dec 20, 2013 at 1:45 PM

Subject: Back home…

You’re a very sexy, voluptuous, and sensuous woman. I didn’t know women who actually
like sex existed, except in male-written films and fiction, but now there’s proof of at least one.

I enjoyed kissing you deeply, touching you everywhere, kneading your breasts, sucking your
nipples, exploring your pussy with my fingers, licking your clit, listening to you moan as I
stuck my finger up your ass, and the well-lubed cucumber in your cunt. And finally, when
I fucked you with my cock it was beyond unbelievable, particularly when I could look deeply
into your eyes, while my cock was deep in your womb.

I hope I came close to meeting your expectations.


From: Sassy
To: Blog Fan
Date: Fri, Dec 20, 2013 at 9:49 PM
Subject: re: Back home…

I was off work on Friday, waiting for take-out from Olive Garden…
sitting outside in the 51 degree sunshine (in the… “if you don’t
like the weather in New England, wait 10 minutes” vein) when your
email arrived. It took my breath away. I read it several times. It
may be the most spectacular message I’ve ever read – complimentary,
confidence-building, sweet, sexy…. and fascinating in its revelation
of what memories you have of our time together.

You must know that Tuesday was a very, very special evening for me. I
try not to expect much, but I hope and… you blew all that out of the
water!  Dinner was a delight! Your stories, the food… such a treat!

I felt so at ease right away.

I find it very hard to believe you have not had a lot of recent
experience… you made me feel like I’ve been playing with amateurs
and you are pro! I was super-impressed with your preparation… lube,
condoms, wipes and vegetables! Your touch at the hotel window… your
kisses… your hands… your mouth… your beautiful cock! And your
words… mmmm. Plus the firsts… inside new places, with new
things. It was so gratifying to do things you had not done in a

Every move you made I was thinking “YES! That’s the way to do it!”
So I could relax, and trust… and ENJOY! That has NEVER happened to
me before. You have set a very high standard for whoever cums next.

I planned to stop thinking about you. You’re miles away and there is
no point. I don’t want to be a pest. The last thing I need is to
long for another man miles away!  I need to focus on the well-meaning
men around here. But it is not happening. I can’t keep from
replaying the entire evening… cursing the snow, relishing the
lobster chowder, smiling… tingling. I have never felt so cherished,
so pleased. It was fun!

I know you are too busy. I know it’s likely not in the cards, but I
will say it anyway. I WANT MORE! Please come back to Boston soon!
Or tell me where you are traveling and invite me to meet you!

I hope this swells both your heads. 🙂

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