Balcony memories

Monday, December 16, 2013
Good morning kid!  Happy Monday!
You having a good day?  Find a place to live yet?

12:02pm Phil

Still waiting on the final offer of a job. Then I’ll look for a place
I got my nails done, picking up Chinese food, headed home.

I’m thinking about you, standing in the cold on my balcony 3 yrs ago this week.  Such a fun night!

6:31pm Phil

I am thinking about what to make for dinner. Pot roast? Roasted Chicken?

Was that the night we went to Legal?

I liked that place, enjoyed the evening

6:38pm Phil
DC it is! Big wig job! Woo Hoo!


That’s what you wanted?   Congrats!
6:46pm Phil
It is! It’s a great opportunity, doubles my salary and gets me back to work. Now I can figure out what I really want. Bills are paid with plenty to spare.

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