Yours for the taking!!!!

Monday, December 9, 2013 
3:39 PM The Lawyer: Hi!
3:39 PM Sassy: Tom!
3:39 PM The Lawyer: Sass
3:39 PM The Lawyer: Y. Lol
3:39 PM Sassy: Mwah mwah mwah!
3:40 PM The Lawyer: How’s the sweet and sexy one?
3:41 PM Sassy: Doing great! Racing from work to project to Mom’s…
3:41 PM Sassy: You?
3:41 PM Sassy: HUGS!
3:42 PM The Lawyer: At work– have to give a speech — let’s catch up tomorrow????
3:42 PM The Lawyer: Xxxxox!
3:43 PM Sassy: Holiday party from 3 pm on… look for me earlier or later! Or try Wednesday!! Mwah!
3:43 PM The Lawyer: Ok!!! Miss you!
3:43 PM Sassy: Pssst… I want your mind and your BODY!
3:44 PM The Lawyer: Yours for the taking!!!!

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