Seven Sexy Hours in NH

Thursday, December 5, 2013 
First trip to the beach to see NH Man! 
1) I left work early so I could find my way before dark.
2) We went for a walk on the beach.  🙂
3) He fed me awful Chinese food. 🙂
4) We talked and played, and talked and played.  🙂
5) He asked me if I would come back soon.
6) He really wanted me to spend the night.  
7) I left at 12:15 am and drove home.
8) I like him. 
I had a lovely evening with NH man!  I left work early so I could find my way up there before dark.  It’s just an hour away!  There were pockets of heavy traffic but it mostly rolled at about 70 mph. I got there with about 30 minutes of light left. 
His beach house is a duplex across the street from the beach in a small enclave – fabulous location.  It’s a simple two-bedroom place – enter the open living room/dining room/kitchen area, down a hall with the bathroom on the left, guest bedroom at the end of the hall and master bedroom on the right.  There are stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, nice art, tasteful furniture.  There is no sign of him… all the furnishings are the landlord’s.  I liked the blue, seashore theme but he could take no credit for it.  The rent is dirt cheap because the landlord makes buckets of money on summer rental then mostly wants someone to house-sit in the winter.  It’s a wonderful haven for him.  And a great “secret love nest” as Ashley Madison calls it.  
He gave me a big hug, then took me to walk on the beach – a beautiful long, flat stretch of sand.  He has this habit of walking slightly ahead of me, like… 10 feet ahead of me.  I feel like a Saudi wife.  Heh.  Not sure what’s up with that… a desire not to show affection in public?  Used to doing his own thing?  I can see not touching me but walking beside with a couple feet between us should do it, no?  I used the distance to sneak a photo of him and several of the beach.  
He ordered Chinese and I rode with him to get it.  The beach town is mostly shut down for the winter and quiet.   We ate at the kitchen table, sharing stories and touching in simple ways that are such a luxury for both of us.  We shared a pu pu platter and fried rice.  I ate some hot & sour soup.  It may have been the worst Chinese food I’ve ever eaten but he bought it and I ate enough to keep from starving.  
We moved to the bedroom and stayed there for hours, like… SEVEN HOURS!  
He took off his clothes and got under the covers.  I mourned the loss of being able to undress him and having him undress me… I adore that part!  But I followed his lead, getting naked and crawling under the covers with him. 
We were talking and cuddling, playing, talking, laughing, more cuddling.  He told me about his girlfriend of 15 years who was supposed to move to the beach and live with him and had an attack of guilt when he left his wife and crushed him by staying with her husband.  His daughter’s husband went nuts, so she moved back home with her children and asked him to come back to protect her, so he did. 
He and his ex-GF are able to talk – had lunch the other day.  She is fooling around with others and knows he is doing the same.  He told me about his abusive father, who stopped when he was big enough to slam him into the wall (it made a dent).  I told him about Philip resurrecting me, helping me through cancer treatment.  I told him about Mexico and the foursome.  I told him about Mr. Scat and Mr. Strange Equipment.  He told me about several of his AM meets.  He asked for my first name and I refused to say, explaining about the safety in not using it and the burdens I try to escape that are tied to it.  As usual, I screwed up telling a story and mentioned my first name an hour later.  Duh.
He told me about misadventures in his youth that are causing him health problems now.  We talked about our weight and he worried over how it affects my health, noting that I was breathing heavy during our beach walk.  It was tough to have him notice and comment, but he did it in a very caring way.    
His wife called.  I went off to the bathroom to give him some privacy.  I sat on the edge of the bed when I got back, unsure what to do next.  He played with my chest and I took hot photos of his fingers on my nipple.  
I also went to the bathroom for a break about 10:30 pm.  I stayed in there IMing with my sister for a few minutes and he texted me asking if I’d fallen in!  Laughed so loud!  
For those who like to know such details there was 
  • kissing, 
  • lots of him playing with my nipples,
  • finding the spot on my back and making me squirm, 
  • him going down on me, 
  • me sucking on him (though he told me not to make him cum as he is a once-a-night only guy now), and 
  • finally about 6 hours in, two minutes of sex.  He said, “We waited too long,” when he had trouble staying hard, which I guess means viagra is involved, but I don’t know for sure.  He says he can only have sex one way – he rolled on a condom, pulled me to the corner of the bed, put my feet on his shoulders with him standing up, then pounded into me until he came in about 2 minutes.  I may try to convince him other positions can be fun… next time.  
You’re also going to ask if he made me cum.  There was a lot of pleasure but no mind-blurring, body-shaking cumming.  He is very talented and generous… I think I was too nervous the first time or something.  I felt relatively calm but… I dunno.  
He is a big teddy bear, low-key, generous, trying to make me understand that he is not like the other AM men who have made me untrusting and cynical.  That he is “normal” whatever that means.  He is a good listener and tells great stories.  I like him.  He said he likes me.  He asked me very early on in the evening when I could return.  
We fell asleep about 11:30 pm.  He wanted me to stay but I decided to drive home a little after midnight.  He got up and talked to me as I dressed, gave me a long hug, then watched from the door to be sure I made to my car and on my way.

I emailed him when I got home at 1:15 am and he wrote right back, telling me he is free every night next week except Monday and would like me to visit again.  Imagine that… sex more than once with the same guy?!  Heh.  You know I can’t really hope anymore, but something very close to that emotion is bubbling up.  I am not giddy.  It’s not fireworks… more like a warm chair by the fire with someone to hold my hand and tell me stories and listen to mine.  I can use that right now.  

2 thoughts on “Seven Sexy Hours in NH

  1. Olivia G. says:

    This sounds like a lovely evening and it looks like he genuinely appreciated your time together and wants more. Isn’t that the best feeling? When they want more 😉 Enjoy it Sassy, you deserve the warmth 🙂 xox

  2. GoodWill says:

    Fantastic! Glad to hear a good report, sounds like a very nice night! Looking forward to the next chapters of NH man’s story!

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