Whiskey calendar

Wednesday, December 4, 2013
12:05am Phil
Hope your project went well

[PHOTO of his gorgeous cock]
Good morning!  Well, well, well… this photo was an amazing way to start my day!  Thank you kid.  I nearly licked my screen!  Hope your Wednesday is going well.


Did you see this?  A whiskey advent calendar!

Now That We’re Adults, We Get A Whisky Advent Calendar

The advent calendar of our dreams.


The project event was AMAZING! Fun!

11:36am Phil

A more normal photo

[PHOTO his smiling face in front of the Christmas tree]

11:36am Phil
[PHOTO his smiling face fresh out of the shower… with his beautiful shoulders]
the facial hair is hot!  Does it feel odd after all these years?  Thank you!!!
12:01pm Phil
Nah, it’s a nice break
What’s on your agenda for today?
12:16pm Phil
Pets to the vet, walk on the beach, decorate the tree, baked scallops for dinner with an olive oil, butter and garlic tossed pasta
How do the pets feel about the vet?

12:17pm Phil
They do ok.

Gotta run to Sam’s to check on tires and Walmart for extension chords

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