Sassy nails

Sunday, November 24, 2013
Good morning kid!  It’s frickin COLD!
Wish you were here to warm me up.
Have a super Sunday!

10:01am Phil

I see that! It’s 9 here!


Brrrr.  Brutal.  Good day to share body heat

10:05am Phil 

I hear ya. Got a roaring fire going for football
Mom got me another manicure.
Think about how this hand could warm you up!

10:13am Phil
Nothing like a good hand.     


Very true!  Lube, hand, manmeat…great combo!
So do people still invite you to stuff, talk to you or are you out of the loop now?

11:36am Phil

Still in the mix, the neighborhood is like that.
See everyone around so it’s still pleasant
Nice!  If I recall correctly, there are a lot of parties coming up!

11:47am Phil
Oh yeah [he listed a bunch of parties]

I need to drive to DC, drop a car off and check out places to live

Busy time!
Are you honing in on an area?  So much can be done online now.

12:03pm Phil

Looking at different areas
So expensive

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