Sassy’s new bra and more

Monday, November 18, 2013
10:09am Phil
Good morning! Have a great week!

[photo of him coming out of the gym, with chin stubble]
10:24am Phil 
[photo of him just out of the shower]
Happy Monday!  Wow!  Look at that stubble!  SEXAY!  I can’t help but wonder how that would feel between my legs.  mmmm…. What’s new today?

3:45pm Phil 

Probably be scratchy, the tongue not so much.

Got another job offer, and lined up two more interviews next week.

Going well! I’d like to do DC for two or three years, and then shift to Fla. go to Mardi Gras and Flash my chest

That’s the fun part of this new part of your life.  You get to decide when you move!

Tongue?  Swoon.


Beignets — at Highland Kitchen.


You watching football? 
11:20pm Phil
Yeah! Loving it! Great game

Ha ha ha, this is great! Yes!

Bah Fucking Receiver

Geez, I can’t stand that QB but what a freaking competitor

He drives me crazy

11:35pm Phil
What a game, loved it
: )     
New dark blue bra

11:59pm Phil
I like it, like what’s under it better
it’s cotton…smooth…
you could feel my reactions thru it…before you see what’s under it!

12:03am Phil

Like to shove this between them
[photo of his gorgeous cock]
You always have the best ideas!
Let me get it nice and wet first?
12:05am Phil
Oh yeah, you could swallow it or take it deep and hard
Or both


Mmmm… lick… suck… swallow… first.  then ride you?

12:07am Phil
Mmm, I do love that tight pussy

Loved yanking your pants down and shoving my tongue inside you when you got to Washington that first time. Set the tone for the visit

I adored that.  Hottest moment of my life!
12:11am Phil
It was such fun and I knew you weren’t expecting that. That’s what we should have done at your house after camp, foolish to waste that opportunity as teenagers
Was actually thinking of that tonight… watching p0rn and the guy was munching on the woman… very similar style to you!
12:12am Phil
Ahhhh, I have much to learn but I’m enthusiastic
Got lots of energy too
Loved going out to eat with your pussy wet
Been in your mouth and pussy. Got a few places left
Just saying

Yes please!  I’ve learned a lot… hope it makes you soar.

12:17am Phil
Hand job under the table, tit fuck, love to gently pound your ass and have you return the favor

Still remember licking my fingers in the school bus. Yummy!


We can make all those fantasies real…
12:18am Phil
I’m game
I want to test your stamina.

12:20am Phil
I have lots of stamina,
Love to see what you’ve learned
Learned a lot about blow jobs.
12:21am Phil
You already knew how to take a cock down your throat, hot as hell
Can’t wait to experience what you learned

Not just sucking… licking… blowing… touching… looking into your eyes.

12:23am Phil

All important. I want you to look at me as you suck and lick and stroke my cock.

I want to cum between your tits, on your face, in your mouth, in your pussy and in your ass, think that covers it, maybe in your hand

I definitely want to see you cum.  Still haven’t seen that ever… feel it on my skin… watch it spurt spurt spurt!
12:27am Phil
I like that
I like to eat you while you chat,
Get that pussy so wet
You stroking?

12:30am Phil

Oh fuck yeah

12:31am Phil

[photo of him lying on the bed with his cock in his hand]
I am so wet… dripping.
You get to me every damn time!
12:32am Phil
Love it
Like to be licking that up

I want to be right there… between your legs, your hands in my hair, my mouth on you!

12:33am Phil
Mmmmm suck my cock

Here’s something for you to suck

[photo of my left nipple in my hand]
12:34am Phil
Rub that wet pussy
Mmmmm, love to be sucking that nipple
Rub your juices on it make it glisten

Bite it… twist it… mmmm

12:36am Phil

Oh yeah
Rub that pussy baby
Get it ready for my cock
It… itches… tingles… aches for you.
12:39am Phil
Show me baby            
I’m going to put it right in your face!
Move back and forth over that beard…

12:41am Phil

Mmmmm yeah, rub it in my face


Mmmm… slide over that face…
then slide over your gorgeous cock… back and forth… teasing, tantalizing…
then I’m going to bounce until my cunt is full of it!
12:45am Phil
[photo of his hand with a white sticky substance on his fingers]


Oh my dear man… I want to lick that!  Rawr…

12:48am Phil
What a nice end to a day


Agreed.  Sleep well sweet man!
It is so fun playing with you!
12:49am Phil
Fun playing with you too!


[a hot black and white photo of a couple having sex doggie style]
12:50am Phil

G’night kid.  Hope you have sexy dreams.

1:02am Phil
Nite Sass

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  1. GoodWill says:

    Wow!! Fun post to read but the little you share in pics is SO sexy Sassy!

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