Thinking glandularly

Monday, September 30, 2013
11:59 AM The Lawyer: hey there, sweet one– how are you — what’s new??
12:06 PM Sassy: Hiya Tom!
12:07 PM Sassy: How are you hot stuff?

12:17 PM Sassy: Tom?
12:17 PM Sassy: Yahoo is being weird… bleh
12:19 PM The Lawyer: definitely weird– did you get my message?
12:19 PM Sassy: Just a hello
12:21 PM Sassy: Is it working now?
12:23 PM The Lawyer: hmm– I sent one saying that I’m ok, but missing you, sexy lady!
12:24 PM Sassy: Oooh! Nice!
12:25 PM The Lawyer: have you been appropriately naughty, or at least thinking naughtily?
12:25 PM Sassy: Lots of talk, no action
12:26 PM Sassy: Will you touch me again?
12:27 PM The Lawyer: absolutely… would you me?
12:27 PM Sassy: I can’t get the smile on your face out of my mind…
12:28 PM The Lawyer: you put it there….
12:30 PM Sassy: So fun that was…
12:30 PM The Lawyer: it was… more, please?
12:31 PM Sassy: Yes please
12:32 PM The Lawyer: mmmn.. we need to find a hideaway!!
12:32 PM Sassy: I dream of that
12:34 PM The Lawyer: need to see each other again…. I want to explore you more, want to be explored by you
12:36 PM Sassy: You want to kiss?
12:36 PM Sassy: Touch?
12:37 PM Sassy: See me smile?
12:38 PM The Lawyer: absolutely… and caress, squeeze, lick, taste and see you shiver! 
12:39 PM Sassy: Oh my! That sounds fabulous!
12:39 PM The Lawyer: and you…? what do you want of me???
12:41 PM Sassy: Mmmm
12:41 PM Sassy: My mind and my body went a little wild on that prior sentence…
12:42 PM Sassy: shiver.. mmm
12:42 PM The Lawyer: the fact that you’re turned on, turns me on
12:42 PM Sassy: I keep seeing your face while you are down my throat… ecstasy it looked like to me…
12:43 PM Sassy: want to see if I can make that happen again
12:43 PM The Lawyer: I’d certainly like that again… and how will i take you to higher heights???
12:44 PM Sassy: I think of your hand…
12:44 PM Sassy: and your mouth
12:44 PM Sassy: working together
12:44 PM Sassy: between my legs!
12:44 PM Sassy: Mmmf… you have me squirming over here….
12:46 PM The Lawyer: mmmnnn….. I definitely want you again…. I enjoy your body, your imagination, your intensity…. a real turn-on for me
12:47 PM Sassy: If I were to reach into your front pocket right now… would I touch steel?
12:47 PM The Lawyer: you would…. and it would throb from your touch!!
12:48 PM The Lawyer: and if I caressed your nipple…. hard?
12:48 PM Sassy: Maybe I’d put one hand in each pocket… press you between my fingers?
12:48 PM Sassy: They are hard.. I’ve been very naughty… rubbing them a little
12:49 PM The Lawyer: maybe I’d drag you back to the utility closet!!
12:49 PM Sassy: Oh my!
12:51 PM The Lawyer: I like that… and have I had the pleasure of making you a little moist?
12:51 PM yes… but if you were ok with it, I’d do it… because I’d definitely enjoy being with you again
12:51 PM Sassy: no. not a little moist. VERY WET!
12:52 PM The Lawyer: mmn…wish I were there to take advantage of that!!
12:52 PM Sassy: Tell me it will be soon.
12:54 PM The Lawyer: I wish… i guess we’ll have to do the hotel thing again….
12:56 PM Sassy: I am looking hard for other options.
12:56 PM The Lawyer: I’m not having much luck with alternatives…
12:56 PM Sassy: I’m sorry to say the hotels are gouging due to foliage or whatnot
12:56 PM The Lawyer: brb– have to run for a minute
12:58 PM Sassy: ok

1:04 PM The Lawyer: hi again
1:05 PM Sassy: : )
1:05 PM The Lawyer: and you’re right— hotels are really pricy now
1:05 PM Sassy: I am trying to tell myself I could trust you I mean…
1:07 PM Sassy: let you visit me

1:12 PM The Lawyer: well… if you’re worried about me disclosing anything or stalking, I don’t think you should…. you probably know all about me already, and if you don’t, i’m fine with telling you
1:14 PM Sassy: Grrr… yahoo tells me to retry… sorry if you see things 3x
1:14 PM The Lawyer: I seem to do the same thing…
1:15 PM Sassy: Would it be weird to visit me?
1:18 PM The Lawyer: yes… but if you were ok with it, I’d do it… because I’d definitely enjoy being with you again
1:26 PM Sassy: Let me think about it.
1:26 PM Sassy: It certainly would be convenient.
1:28 PM The Lawyer: probably creates complications for you, though… I don’t want to create issues for you.
1:29 PM Sassy: That’s the thing… it is relatively easy
1:29 PM The Lawyer: really?
1:29 PM Sassy: especially if you know a day ahead
1:30 PM Sassy: H and I are open.
1:30 PM The Lawyer: we certainly can plan ahead…but I do not want you to feel uncomfortable in any way
1:31 PM Sassy: Thank you Tom
1:31 PM The Lawyer: so… let’s think about this before you decide– ok?
1:31 PM Sassy: I haven’t trusted anyone but you seem… different
1:32 PM The Lawyer: but it would be good to see you again
1:33 PM Sassy: I own a condo in a big building, so it is relatively safe for you, I think
1:33 PM Sassy: Probably should “walk thru it” in our minds…
1:34 PM The Lawyer: I’m sure you see that I would have a lot to lose by being a jerk… and all i want to do is get naked with you anyway– as long as you want me!!
1:34 PM Sassy: look for anything that would make it problematic… so we can work around it

1:37 PM Sassy: Which would be safer… park on the street or park in my spot underground… in terms of someone seeing your car?
1:37 PM The Lawyer: ok… I’m pretty ok in your area– let’s let this brew– you think about it, I’ll think about it, and on that front, we’ll make a rational decision– instead of thinking glandularly!! lol
1:37 PM Sassy: Yes.
1:38 PM Sassy: but it seems like I am set up pretty well
1:38 PM The Lawyer: I think my car’s fine in either place– if there’s parking readily available
1:38 PM The Lawyer: but… thinking glandularly— it will be awesome to see you again!
1:38 PM Sassy: once you’re in the building it would be very tough for someone to know where you went
1:39 PM Sassy: must buy a new bedspread.
1:39 PM The Lawyer: you don’t have to do that…
1:39 PM Sassy: Oh yes I do
1:39 PM Sassy: Are you allergic to cats?
1:40 PM The Lawyer: no—not at all
1:42 PM The Lawyer: but they may be put off if they smell my dog on me!
1:42 PM Sassy: Heh
1:42 PM
Sassy: They may explain to you the error of your ways
1:43 PM
Sassy: Will the dog tell on you if you have kitty cat and pussy all over you?
1:43 PM The Lawyer: in having a dog, or in bedding you?? lol
1:43 PM Sassy: the DOG!
1:43 PM The Lawyer: ha!!!
1:43 PM Sassy: They like people who are nice to me.  As long as you pet them and bring tuna.
1:43 PM The Lawyer: I endeavor to be oh-so-nice to you!
1:44 PM The Lawyer: and the dog may have more problems with cat hair than with pussy…
1:45 PM The Lawyer: listen– I must work!! talk soon– and think over your kind offer!!
1:45 PM Sassy: It makes me so hot when you type that p-word! Mwah!
1:45 PM The Lawyer: it makes me hot when I think of yours…..
1:46 PM Sassy: think of me in the shower
1:47 PM The Lawyer: aaaaaagh— begone, for now!! I can’t work when the blood flow is inverted!
1:47 PM Sassy: Slipping quietly away… smiling

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