Questioning Landshark

Saturday, September 7, 2013 
from:  Landshark
to:    Sassy
date:  Sat, Sep 7, 2013 at 6:40 AM
subject:  Re: Blog
So nosy … hopefully you will reciprocate …
I don’t really have a favorite blog – though if I were smart I suppose I would say ‘yours’!  I will read 3 or 4 other in addition to yours – Miss Kitty, 3 Spelling Mistakes, etc. They are a pleasant distraction from the ‘real world’ for me. More on that later.
For travel, I go all over. It does keep things interesting on many levels for me.  The travel is certainly not glamorous – but as the cliche goes – ‘variety is the spice of life.’
I love to cook.  I do all of the cooking at home when I am around.  
Ah – eating out.  I will try most anything.  When I travel – especially internationally – I try to eat whatever the locals eat.  When I go out – I tend to try and eat lighter – the endless quest to eat healthier (usually derailed by a trip to fast food place). I don’t have a favorite ‘go to’ spot – I tend to like to try to eat at new places.  There is are several great restaurants in the Boston burbs I like.  Now I’m hungry … 
Regarding the rest of the details – yes, I am 42 and married with 2 kids.  
I have fooled around – which is why I read the blogs.  Outside of the sexual content, it is interesting to read the viewpoints of men and women.  Though, it is depressing when I read into it that my life isn’t nearly as spicy.  Well, not depressing – but – am not sure how to put it.  Maybe my oversharing warning light should be on as well?
I still have some hair.  I’m 6 feet and 165 pounds. No pets.
I’ll break out the ruler at a later date to give you the other requested measurement 🙂
Well – off for a Saturday morning run and back home with some much needed caffeine.
Tell me some more about you – I am enjoying this ‘chat’!
from: Sassy
to:   Landshark
date: Sat, Sep 7, 2013 at 10:45 PM
subject: Re: Blog
Hiya Evan!  Hope you got to enjoy this amazing weather!  Must have been perfect for running? 
Reciprocity is fun!  In conversations and um… other places.  People who read my blog usually have lots of questions for me.  Sorry for the grilling… I’m used to being in chat where people quiz anyone new… I forget that’s not normal. 
I like a lot of blogs… Advizor54, Ryan, Naughty Kitty and Kat are very good at sending me readers, and they’re hot writers!  Tom from Three Spelling Mistakes is a hoot!  He is so smart and funny.  Max from Mystic Satyr doesn’t post much, but when he does?  Yum.  Everyone has more fun than I do, and writes better, but I keep writing because it connects me with such fun people!  Your life sounds interesting… but maybe you mean on another front?  I am a good listener if you want to light up the night with sharing. 
Oh!  A man who cooks?  Swoon.  🙂  What are your favorites to make?  You know I make good reservations.  
Thanks for the stats.  Skinny!  Do you have a nice voice?  I get the feeling you do.
So when you fooled around, how did you meet the woman?  Women?  Was it an old flame?  Someone “in your own pond” or when you traveled or one of the online sites?   I talk to a lot of people in chat who have done any or all of that.   Have you met any sexy blogging women before?  
This is fun!  I adore poking around in a man’s head.  Hmmm… what don’t you already know about me? 
I had a busy day today!  I don’t think I’ve been to your town but I thought of you as I drove through on my way to RI for a fancy dinner at The Boat House in Tiverton.  Have you been there?  It’s a rare combo of beautiful spot right on the water and incredible food at reasonable prices.  
Tomorrow is another crazy day – brunch at Brasserie Jo then “The Jungle Book” with my niece, and a monthly project meeting!  Whee!  Hope you have a grand Sunday! 
Hugs with groping! 

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