A sex menu

Thursday, September 5, 2013
·       4:50 PM The Lawyer: hi there, sweet one!
·       4:56 PM Sassy: hiya!
·       4:59 PM The Lawyer: how are you??
·       5:00 PM Sassy: I am great! You?
·       5:01 PM The Lawyer: plugging along… thinking good thoughts??
·       5:01 PM Sassy: Oh yes…
·       5:02 PM Sassy: Thinking of things we did… other things we might try… you?
·       5:02 PM The Lawyer: mmmmn…. always open to new ideas… 
·       5:05 PM Sassy: I am torn… what we did was sooo good. But it could be fun to try other things… hmmm
·       5:05 PM The Lawyer: hmmmn… always good to keep what works and add to it!!
·       5:07 PM Sassy: I keep replaying it in my mind.. and smiling!
·       5:08 PM The Lawyer: mmn… that’s good…. I certainly enjoyed myself!!
·       5:11 PM Sassy: I am so glad to hear you say that!
·       5:12 PM The Lawyer: did you ever doubt it????
·       5:13 PM Sassy: I hate to admit it but I have had a lot of fun with other guys and thought they did and then… I never heard another word from them. Total silence. I HATE THAT! I want to think you are different.
·       5:15 PM The Lawyer:  aaah… that’s not all that unusual, but I understand that it’s pretty annoying
·       5:17 PM Sassy: If you ever need to take a break or go… promise you will say. I know stuff happens… you can see that I am patient, forgiving… will re-open doors…
·       5:18 PM Sassy: But I hope you don’t have to!
·       5:20 PM The Lawyer: fair enough– and the same with you– but for now, I’ll enjoy our moments together!! now, back to that bucket list of yours…. 
·       5:22 PM Sassy: List kid that I am, I’ve actually been thinking of making one for you… sort of a menu
·       5:22 PM Sassy: Hope that isn’t too weird
·       5:22 PM The Lawyer: not weird– hot!
·       5:23 PM Sassy: Two from column A and one from column B… hee hee
·       5:24 PM The Lawyer: sounds good… I can’t wait to order from the menu!!
·       5:26 PM Sassy: I have to run! Have a great night!
·       5:26 PM Sassy: Just tell me when and where.
·       5:27 PM The Lawyer: you too! talk soon

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