Thinking of skin

Friday, August 30, 2013
·       12:49 PM The Lawyer: hey there– how are you??
·       12:49 PM The Lawyer: nice picture yesterday!!  : )
·       12:49 PM Sassy: I’m great! I’m home recovering from all that work.
·       12:49 PM Sassy: Oh? Like that? Give you some ideas?
·       12:50 PM The Lawyer: more than just ideas…. gave me quite a rise!!  ; )
·       12:50 PM Sassy: Oh! How lovely!
·       12:50 PM Sassy: Where were you when you looked at it?
·       12:50 PM The Lawyer: wish I could have shared it with you!!
·       12:51 PM The Lawyer: in my office…….
·       12:51 PM Sassy: oh my
·       12:51 PM The Lawyer: thought about it in the shower today, too…
·       12:51 PM Sassy:  : )
·       12:52 PM The Lawyer: so, how are you, sexy lady?? any new “hits” on AM?
·       12:53 PM Sassy: Got winked by a guy traveling here from NYC. Eh.
·       12:53 PM The Lawyer: ah… never thought that travelers would have much luck
·       12:54 PM Sassy: You see any new hotties on there?
·       12:55 PM The Lawyer: the ones that are most aggressive are working ladies…. not my style
·       12:55 PM The Lawyer: as in, play for pay….
·       12:56 PM Sassy: heard that from several guys
·       12:56 PM Sassy: pros and sugar babies
·       12:56 PM The Lawyer: I’d be happy to be a sugar baby…. just not sure that there’s much of a demand…
·       12:56 PM Sassy: You want me to take you shopping?
·       12:57 PM The Lawyer: I want you to take me. period!
·       12:57 PM Sassy: Take you to bed?
·       12:57 PM The Lawyer: that would work!
·       12:57 PM The Lawyer:  ; )
·       12:58 PM Sassy: on the bathroom sink?
·       12:58 PM The Lawyer: more cramped, but sure….
·       12:58 PM Sassy: shower?
·       12:58 PM The Lawyer: certainly…
·        12:58 PM Sassy: mmm
·       12:58 PM The Lawyer: just about anywhere ….
·       12:58 PM Sassy: in your desk chair…
·       12:59 PM Sassy: in a box with a fox!
·       12:59 PM The Lawyer: up a tree with a flea!
·       12:59 PM Sassy: Hee hee
·       1:00 PM The Lawyer: soon enough, m’lady… I’ll have ye!
·       1:01 PM Sassy: I have been thinking about what you may do with me…
·       1:01 PM The Lawyer: oh…. ? I’m very interested…..
·       1:03 PM Sassy: Sorry… my mind wandered there… mmmm
·       1:03 PM Sassy: Mostly been thinking of skin.
·       1:03 PM The Lawyer: mmm… wandering is good… so long as it’s in the proper direction!!!
·       1:03 PM The Lawyer: I like skin.
·       1:04 PM The Lawyer: a good place to which to wander!
·       1:04 PM Sassy: you’d likely say I am going in an improper direction!
·       1:04 PM The Lawyer: very unlikely….
·       1:04 PM Sassy: Do you have a favorite place to start.. with skin?
·       1:06 PM The Lawyer: I do like to kiss.. and I find soft lips and neck a good place…. and then I begin to wander…
·       1:06 PM Sassy: It would be amazing not to have to stop with the kissing… be able to wander…
·       1:07 PM The Lawyer: why stop?… the wandering can go on and on…all the while the kissing continues…. skin is for kissing….
·       1:08 PM Sassy: It took almost every ounce of my willpower and long-held decorum not to unbutton your shirt last Tuesday
·       1:09 PM Sassy: I wanted to play with nipples!
·       1:10 PM The Lawyer: you certainly may do so, whenever you wish!! If I might do the same…
·       1:10 PM The Lawyer: so tell me about yours?
·       1:12 PM Sassy: They’re waiting for your fingers… and your mouth!
·       1:13 PM The Lawyer: I’m glad to hear that, and more than happy to ablige them!!  ; )
·       1:13 PM The Lawyer: I hope they are extremely sensitive…
·       1:15 PM Sassy: Oh yes!
·       1:15 PM The Lawyer: that was oblige… sorry!
·       1:15 PM The Lawyer: and responsive?
·        1:16 PM Sassy: Don’t ever be sorry… you don’t have to filter with me.
·       1:16 PM The Lawyer: and trigger appropriate responses in other places?
·       1:16 PM Sassy: Indeed…
·       1:17 PM The Lawyer: I do like to spell correctly but I have clumsy typing skills
·       1:17 PM Sassy: If I can figure out what you meant I put all typos down to trembling fingers and roll along.  : )
·       1:17 PM The Lawyer: I would like to witness such responsiveness and test my hypothesis….
·       1:18 PM Sassy: Experimenting is fun.
·       1:18 PM The Lawyer: absolutely…. and hopefully, to be able to provide indisputable proof….
·       1:19 PM Sassy: You don’t have to touch me to cause a reaction… there are things happening right now.
·       1:19 PM The Lawyer: that yon sassielassie is a glorious, orgasmically accomplished, sexy lady!!!
·       1:20 PM Sassy: Oh my!
·       1:20 PM The Lawyer: unfortunately, I much prefer the touching!! wish I were there!
·       1:20 PM Sassy: Ah yes… this falls into the “better than nothing” category.  : )
·       1:21 PM Sassy: Closer is better.
·       1:21 PM The Lawyer: much closer is much better!
·       1:22 PM Sassy: Inside is best.
·       1:23 PM The Lawyer: inside is awesome…
·       1:23 PM The Lawyer: inside and melded together is even better…
·       1:23 PM Sassy: ooof… that caused a big twinge over here!
·       1:25 PM Sassy: If I put my hand in your front pocket…
·       1:27 PM The Lawyer: mmmmmm… confucius says, man with hand in pocket feels nuts! sixth grade humor….
·       1:27 PM Sassy: Har har!
·       1:27 PM Sassy: I’d like to
·       1:28 PM The Lawyer:  I’d like you to.. but, to be honest, I’d rather simply take my pants off altogether with you!
·       1:28 PM Sassy: I’d like to do that… unbuckle… kiss your belly button… hear that zipper… mmmm
·       1:29 PM Sassy: Can you imagine it? A woman who wants to do that?
·       1:29 PM The Lawyer: I would do the same, leaving all your clothes in a heap, then start the kissing process!
·       1:29 PM Sassy: Yay!
·       1:30 PM The Lawyer: yes– I like a woman who wants to do that!!!!
·       1:30 PM The Lawyer: I intend to explore you with my lips, my tongue, my fingers…. all as prelude……
 1:32 PM Sassy: I want to know you… know what makes you smile
·       1:32 PM Sassy: and squirm and moan!
·       1:32 PM The Lawyer: you will have to find that out on your own…. but I suspect that you’ll be able to tell!!
·       1:33 PM The Lawyer: I fully intend to do the same with you…. I do want to make Sassie sing!! over and over!!
·       1:34 PM Sassy: I can usually keep track up to about 9… after that you can count if you like.
·       1:36 PM The Lawyer: I would aspire to reach such a point that counting is irrelevant… sort of a merged response…. but 9 is not shabby at all… hopefully you’ll guide me, as needed!
·       1:39 PM The Lawyer: sweet one… I have to run— please keep me in your most lustful thoughts– and I shall do the same!
·       1:40 PM Sassy: Mwah!

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