Bra shopping

Saturday, August 24, 2013
A beautiful Saturday!  Hope you have the same!
Yesterday sucked at work.  I wasn’t sure how I get it all done when I went in, then 6 people dumped more on me!  Totally toast by 5 pm.  So happy for this weekend!
Busy day – off to Mom’s to do her pills and take her out for lunch, then bra shopping at a fancy salon where they do fittings!  Don’t you wish you could tag along?!
10:50am Phil
I like bra shopping! I’m off to see Jimmy Buffett. Saw Lyle Lovett last night. John Hiat, Natalie Cole and Cheap Trick next week!
Maybe I’ll show you, if I buy anything.  
Wow!  Concert demon!  Enjoy!
12:24pm Phil
Here’s a look at my adventure to the fancy schmancy bra shop and dinner at Legal Seafood in Copley Place!
No bra purchase.   They want $131!  And they are all underwires in my size.  Not doing that!

 Copley Place in the Back Bay, Boston 

 A view of Boston from Legal Seafood in Copley Place, Boston

 Pomegranate Lemonade 
@ Legal Seafood, Copley Place

 Caesar salad and popcorn shrimp 
 Space age architecture 
at Intimacy, Copley Place
The racks at Intimacy, Copley Place

Hope you’re groovin to the tunes!
I thought of you at Legal Seafood… slurped down their hot milky chowder.

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