The Clues

From: Sassy
To: Glider 
Sent:  Saturday, Aug 17, 2013 1:44 AM
Subject: Clues 
Hiya!  I can’t sleep… keep running over things you said today.  
Here are a few questions, trying to figure out what you’re like, 
if you’d like me… etc. 
1) If you were stranded on an island with a satellite radio that 
only got one genre of music, what would you pick?
2) What is your favorite feature on a woman?
3) If you had two magic tickets to any event, concert or show 
in history, where would you take me?
4) Is there something you haven’t tried, a fantasy, that you’d like to do
with me? 
Feel free to ask whatever you like in return! 
From: Glider 
To: Sassy
Sent: Aug 17, 2013 7:16 AM
Subject: re: Clues
Hmm good questions. Let me give them some thought and get back to you today. Didn’t want to leave you hanging. 
From: Glider 
To: Sassy
Sent: Aug 17, 2013 2:01 PM
Subject: re: Clues
1. Honestly I don’t have a favorite genre. But I have a mild obsession with a band called Wilco. They can truly not be pigeonholed.
2. Breasts
3. Last Beatles concert. End of an era,60’s free love and sex
4. Something in public, perhaps orally pleasing you in a dressing room. Many others.
I will have some for you but in the meantime how about your thoughts and responses.
From: Sassy
To: Glider 
Sent:  Saturday, Aug 17, 2013 5:40 PM 
Subject: re: Clues 
Hiya G, 
Hope you’re enjoying this beautiful day!  Thanks for answering my questions.  I don’t know what matters in terms of deciding about someone, but it’s fun to read what your choices! I will mix my answers with reactions to yours. 
1) Music
So if I want a good intro to Wilco, what videos should I watch?  There’s a bunch on YouTube.  Have you seen them live? 
I also listen to a wide range of music, but Broadway Show Tunes are my favorite, because they are evocative of their time, there is such a wide range of tunes and I can sing along to most of them!  Emerson College radio has a great program on Saturdays called “Standing Room Only” that plays them and I roll my windows down and enjoy everything from “Oklahoma!” up to selections from ‘Rent!” 
2) Body parts
Hmmm…I definitely have breasts going on!  
I have a soft spot for a man’s shoulders. There is something about them that makes me swoon! 
3)  The tickets 
In this whole wide world, you mention the last Beatles concert?  When I asked this question, the answer I had in mind was to take you to the Ed Sullivan Show on February 9, 1964 to see their debut on US tv! 
4) Fantasy comes true 
Hmmm… an exhibitionist streak, eh?  Naughty and nice!  I am a private person, but with the right partner, who knows?! 
There are a lot of things I want to try, but for a start – I’d like to see and feel you explode on me – paint my chest, my neck, my face.  I’ve never seen it… it’s always inside me somewhere!  I will help get you to that point, of course.  
I read a lot, and look at…ahem…a certain kind of photos and videos that have given me a long list of things I want to try.  We should talk more about this.  
Here are three other things I’m curious about: 
a. How old were you when you lost your virginity?  
b. Is there something about you women find surprising? 
c. Your perfect meal for a special occasion
More hugs with groping!  And a long slow kiss? 

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