FFF Entrance

Happy Flash Fiction Friday!  It’s time once again to check out the photo Advizor54 posted to inspire us to write a short sexy something to share.  Pop over to his blog to see what he and other salacious sexy bloggers saw and leave comments!  My take is below.  Enjoy!

Here’s this week’s challenge:

Keywords: entrance or exit, but not both.
Forbidden words: blindfold, slave, slut
Bonus words: tell us about your first experience with a blindfold or sensory deprivation.
Extra credit: put more than two people in the room, but don’t let the extras touch.
Word count: 150 words from her perspective and 150 from another


She paused for a moment and the camera clicked as she made her grand entrance through the French doors.  She heard an appreciative sigh from the cameraman and her co-star’s gasp.  She fought back her nerves.  When she saw the lingerie laid out in the dressing room, she wondered where the rest of it was!  But that was the way this film was going be.  The costume people had outdone themselves – this get-up was sure to get the tabloid rumors flying.  There had been wild speculation about who would play the part, but she had landed it!  These were the first images to be released.  They’d played at disguising her, to let people guess for a day or so, then the big reveal of her name would be announced, and the trailer would debut.  There would be interviews on the top talk shows.  Whee!  Her life would never be the same.  

He couldn’t help but gasp when she made her entrance.  She was the entire package they promised when he signed for this role – a classic beauty, enhanced by the wizards in hair and makeup… but he couldn’t take his eyes off her perky nipples and landing strip!  He was going to touch her in both places!  He was supposed to be working but he couldn’t help stiffening.  He’d get that under control soon, but for now he could use it to make the promo photos more interesting.  A bulge would perk up this blasted boring suit and tie they’d stuffed him into.  He couldn’t wait for them to get on with shooting the more intimate scenes so he could get out of the formal threads.  They’d only scratched the surface for the trailer, but best was coming up soon.  His life would never be the same.

“Fifty Shades of Grey” trailer

3 thoughts on “FFF Entrance

  1. Tom says:

    Ha, great take! Are you going to see it?

  2. Haha, my vanilla feeds are filling up with the excitement from the preview (as I cringe). The great thing, however, is opening up people’s minds and judgments.
    I love how you so well intertwined this!

  3. Åsa says:

    I winced at reading the camera clicking (I’d feel so damn awkward if that happened to me when I couldn’t see) and I cringed when I saw the bottom image. But it was a good idea, I’d have never thought of something like that.

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