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Monday, July 8, 2013

July 2013 
So… it’s been 3 months since I met the Traveler.  Five months since I’ve had any real sex (with Mr Hyatt).  I had some great kissing with Seaman in May and Mr Truck in June, but I would really like to have meet a nice man and have sex and see him more than once!  But no one is writing me.  I didn’t even hear from Mr Truck or Panties Man all week!  
But my luck changed on Monday night after the long holiday weekend.  
The start 
So… he wrote to me on AM.  
From: The Body
To: Sassy
Monday 7/8/13 9:02 pm 
Hi sassy, maybe we could connect. i’m not far from you. Let’s see? J 
You can reach nme at […….] as well.
So… short message, nothing special.  Profile is okay, nothing special, nothing scary.  He is tall!  He gave me access to three photos – a face shot and two naked ones.  Fantastic photos!  Beautiful body!  They made my fingers itch to touch him and my insides woggled.  
I wrote back on Yahoo and attached two photos – my famous cleavage and a full body/face shot when I was dressed up for an evening out. 
To: The Body
From: Sassy
Sent: Monday 11:53 pm 
Subject: Connection 
Hiya J!  
So great to get your message!  Thanks!  And those photos!  Yowza!  I melt at sexy shoulders and toes, and you have both.  Here’s a couple pics in return.  My hair is longer now but I look the same otherwise.  Hope they make you want to see more!  Meeting would be fun.  Anything you want to know first? Hugs with groping! 

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