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It’s Flash Fiction Friday time!  Take a look at the sexy .gif above, provided by the FFF host, Advizor54 from Free Advice is worth what you pay for it.  What does it make you think about?  Click over to see what he made of the photo.  And there are links to other bloggers too!   Also, that’s where the weekly prompts are posted, so you can join in!  My take is below.  Here’s the challenge:
Key Words:  Prediction, Outcome
Word Limit:  369 words, ’cause I like 69
Forbidden Words:   Soccer, game, ball(s)


“Hey Kevin!  How are you doing today?” Bob greeted me as I stumbled into the office at 9:35 am.   
“Shhh… you don’t have to shout,” I whispered.  My head was pounding!  The office was too bright and every noise made me want to barf. 
“Tough night?” Bob asked solicitously.  
“It was great until… um… I don’t remember,” I replied, struggling to piece together how the evening ended.  “My neighbors are from Brazil, and there was this big outdoor party for the opening match of the World Cup, with a lot of meat on the grill and beer and beautiful women. I don’t know what the outcome will be, but the prediction I heard is Brazil will win.” 
“Oh that sounds so rough!” Bob chuckled.  I put my head on my desk.  I never drink anymore and I forgot how nasty a hangover can be.  Pure misery.  
“It was a super party – they went all out.  Even hired a panda bear – that’s the World Cup mascot – you know, some guy in a bear suit, to make the kids laugh,” I remembered.  
“Yuck.. I wouldn’t want that gig on a warm night.  Couldn’t pay me enough!” Bob pointed out emphatically. 
“Yeah… I… well… it turns out it wasn’t a guy,” I told him.  I managed a perverted smile.  
“What?  There was a gal in the suit?” Bob asked. This was clearly blowing his mind.  “How did you find that out?” 
“Well… she had to… go to the little girls room and she needed help – there’s no trap door back there to heed nature’s call!  She whispered in my ear and led my off to the bathroom to assist her!” I explained as Bob’s eyes got wide. 
“Wow… you have all the luck!” Bob whistled. 
“It’s true.  But it gets better,” I teased him, grinning as the memory flooded back.  I got hard all over again thinking how I helped her out of the costume, and she helped me out of my shorts!  I was remembering her skillful gloved hands and hot mouth… damn.  
“Better?” Bob was puzzled now.  “What happened?” 
“Oh yeah… you won’t believe what she was… or rather wasn’t wearing under that suit!” 

One thought on “FFF World Cup

  1. Advizor54 says:

    Ooooooh, i like this one a lot. It’s always good to be nice to the dancers, but this worked out even better than imagined. Wood inducing words to be sure.

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