New Guy Opens Up

Yay!  The new guy wrote back again.  It took him two days…What keeps him from writing?  Feels like he is starting to loosen up a little.  
Date:  Jun 12th – 3:18pm
From:  New guy
First, ansers to your questions: 
1. Food: I love sushi. I love the taste, i love the feel, and, unless i order a whole boat, it always seems like relatively health food. Which is a good idea, cause my next several favorites involve large amounts of fried clams, or. Veal parm from santarpios of blessed memory, or a two pound idea of a kichen is a microwave with a phone inside. I love to eat, and have done so, too well. 
2. Origin: much as i have always held my birthplace to be Krypton, or at the least Gotham City, i grew up around here and never left. I do love to travel, and keep looking for. A job that requires multiple trips ( and frequent vacations) 
3. Theater: only sporadically. Last play i say was Wicked, in london last spring. Felt like. Rube for seeing a five year old play instead of shakespeare, but it was there.
Wow!  Finally a spark of humor with super hero stuff!  🙂
Date:  Jun 12th – 3:26pm
From:  New guy
Sorry: got cut off 
Used to haunt Wordsworth, but am now spoiled with nook and amazon 24×7. Love movies, but tend toward ones with cars or noise or aliens, all three if at all possible. If any one big habit lately, its working out: not so it shows, but i will go to gym every day religiously, or bike 20 miles when i can; good for my ADD Questions? I have millions, but more about you and this…arena. 
Why are you here? 
Have you done this before? 
How well did it work? 
What are you looking for? 
What would make you interested in taking next step? 
What would that be? 
What would the best possible outcome be; what would be worst? 
All i can think of, for now and here 
Hope to talk soon 
As you say, hugs, with groping.
Date:  Jun 12th – 8:58pm
From:  New guy
Keep thinking about you, wondering what you’re like.
Date:  Jun 12th – 10:18pm
From:  Sassy
Hiya! What fun answers! And questions! 
Did someone tell you what I like to eat? Our tastes match. I adore sushi, but I’m a wimp, stick to the cooked stuff. Great protein! Fried clams? Yup. I order veal parm in the North End, La Famiglia Georgio. And my all-time favorite is LOBSTER! I tried the new Belle Isle Seafood in Winthrop on Sunday. Their lobster pie is delectable! And the view is spectacular! Ever been? 
Be my super hero? 🙂 Not sure which is cooler… flying or the Batmobile? I’ve traveled but never wanted to live anywhere else, except maybe Cancun the way it was in the 80s. 
Maybe you can show up at a theater and sit next to a curvy lady in the dark sometime. 
Great you have built an activity into your life, so you can go home freshly showered or in different clothes and not raise suspicion, if you decide I can help you with an alternate work-out activity. 
I’m here because my husband isn’t interested in me in bed. We’re good friends. I am not going to leave him. I survived breast cancer in 2011 – I’m whole and healthy now and I want to live life to the fullest and that includes sex! 
I’ve had fun getting to know a few AM guys, met some, but none clicked. I’m searching for a friend I can talk with, hear about his life and share parts of mine, and meet now and then. 
A next step would be to meet in public for coffee or a drink or lunch, see if there’s any chemistry, maybe see how you kiss, if we’re interested? I can tell a lot from that. I have a very good feeling about you, just want to ask a few more questions. 
Worse case? You’re an axe murderer. Eep! 
So four quick questions for you. 
1) Do you have a pet? 
I’m owned by two cats. 
2) Why are you here? 
3) What music do you like? 
I like folk, a cappella and Broadway. I like to sing along. 
4) What’s your favorite part of female anatomy? 
I’m a sucker for a man’s shoulders. 
What am I like? I’m sassy. Hugs with groping and an ear nibble!
Date:  Jun 12th – 11:33pm
From:  New guy
Pet: a labradoodle. Don’t shed too much and pretty bright too big to be a lap dog, too small to jump on the table. Got one about eight years ago.
Music: I have tried to broaden my taste but I can’t get too far from anyone at Woodstock. Saw Santana last summer, was excellent. am bummed i can’t get anyone to go to the rascals in two weeks, like most of Dropkick Zmurphys, and have five versions of Amazing Grace. I actually like Eminem, and Adele,Al Kooper (I’m looking at my iTunes to remember) randy Newman from start to finish, and almost any movie theme (not to sound like a moron but the theme from 2d batman movie is great at the heavy bag. In general, loud is good, but not metal, thank you 
Why do this? Because my marriage has, through fits and starts, drifted to a complete stop, in bed and out. not ready to leave but not having much fun at all: old enough to repaint but young enough to sell. (Back, again, to woodstock). Tired of. Working like a maniac just to keep busy, and really really really miss the taste of a woman’s skin 
Favorite part of a woman? Like asking my favorite food, too many choices to pick just one. I like the belly, between belly button and pubes: sensitive, stimulating, and if you’re there, you’re almost home. I’m afraid I unimaginately love breasts, Esp nipples: again, you can make somebody get aroused, and you can feel it happen right there. Something very sensual about a big butt: all that flesh and skin and touch and so great to massage, before, during,after. eyes are critical; bright light eyes are the most beautiful thing in the world, what jewels were invented to imitate. I could go on, and I will, but not here, not now Hope that helps 
One question: you said there was another way to chat but I didn’t understand: on this site or elsewhere? Later
Date:  Jun 13th – 12:08am
From:  Sassy
Wow… thanks for the answers. You are a very interesting man! Great to know more about you. 
I was raised near Woodstock, danced to that music. I saw Randy Newman give a master class… he is classically trained and has such a broad range! I’d go to the Rascals… Would that be weird? Something to think about anyway. Do you sing yourself? Dance? 
I adore it when I ask a question and get a story… sounds like you like women. 🙂 Your writing took my breath away there. So sorry your marriage is not a source of joy. I miss all the basics… and some of the more exotic moves too! 
Most guys have a Yahoo email account with a fake name, often matches their AM name. That gives you access to chat online for free. Or you can download a Yahoo chat app to a smart phone or iPad if you have that. That let’s you chat in real time, or email using Yahoo instead of AM. Better interface, free. Can work if you don’t share a computer/phone and remember to delete stuff from prying eyes. 
Anything else you wanted to know? Are you feeling more comfortable? 

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