Pray again

Wednesday, June 5, 2013
Good morning!  I got to watch Wheel and Jeopardy with Mom last night.  Rehab seems okay as these places go.  Hope your Wednesday is wonderful!
8:56am Phil
You too!  Whoo Hooo!
Mom was taken to the E.R. – rehab folks noticed shortness of breath and she said chest pain – so they’ve figured out her lungs are full of fluid again… need to drain it, then figure out why it’s there and fix that.  Ugh.  Hard to work with that going on, but my older sister and her beau are there.  Pray again please!  Hope your day is calmer than mine!
3:45pm Phil
Oh lord.  I went through all of this with my Dad, mother in law and father in law.  I understand. Just glad I was able to be there for all of them.  You learn how precious even the small moments are during these times. Life is such a precious commodity and we are all only here for such a short time. Hold her hand, be there, smile for her cause that’s precious and important for her.  I never stopped praying.
Thank you Philip.  I thought I learned all this with Dad, but it is harder with Mom somehow.  So good to have your words and understanding and prayers!
4:31pm Phil
I hear you.  My Mom has always been the family rock.  She is tough and always held it together with common sense, love and plain old stubbornness.  Same with your Mom.  Behind the scene she was running it all and has been everyone’s rock I suspect.
Yes, just like that.  And she’s never been sick.  I just wish I had a husband who could help me deal.  Feel even more alone when life gets scary.  Thanks for listening!

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