Beech Day Story

“Hey Todd!  Ready to go down the trail?” Jerry asked me. 
“No…” I hedged.  “I need another minute… alone,” I replied.  He stared at me.  Jerry is a former fullback, hikes for the exercise and male bonding.  He doesn’t get the spiritual communing with nature part of it, but that’s fine.  He trotted off while I turned to face the view one more time.  My hiking pals and I had topped several mountains this weekend, taken in the view, taken photos, entered them in our climbing journals.  Now it was my moment to savor the beauty for a few moments alone.  
No matter how many times I made it up Beech Mountain in Acadia National Park in Maine, the view never stopped astounding me – rugged mountains, islands, pristine lakes, trees of all shapes and sizes… it restored my soul.  There’s a big flat rock I call “The Seat” in just the right spot to sit after those last tricky vertical steps and take it all in.
I sat watching the late afternoon sun, listening to the birds and the rush of the wind through the trees, knowing this would be one of the best moments of my year.  Little did I know… 
There was a rustling and I assumed one of the guys had come to fetch me.  The light was starting to fade – it was time to go.  I turned to see a woman jump up the last few feet and stand at the top with her arms outstretched.  “TA DA!” she yelled into the ether.  I knew the feeling so well, I burst into a big grin and chuckled.  I couldn’t help applauding.  She turned suddenly, startled, but she quickly smiled back.  She was breathing hard and I couldn’t help but notice her ample chest, her flowing hair, and the way her shorts accented an ass I’d grab if I were just a little bolder.  I stood up to leave and she ran over and hugged me!  I automatically hugged her back and we smiled at each other at very close range.  Beautiful blue eyes… I had to move or she’d feel how much blue eyes affect me.  I stepped back.  
“Isn’t this THE BEST?!” she asked me.  I nodded.  She whirled around, taking in the view.  
“Can you take my picture?” she asked as she spread her arms wide.  “My pals made it up and back awhile ago, so you’re my only hope,” she explained.  Jerks… I thought.  She pulled out her phone, swiped and pressed a button and handed it to me.  I framed her and she stared at the camera with the perfect expression of glee and I snapped a couple shots.  She checked them out, thanked me, and then asked if I’d take another of her on “The Seat.”  She settled in a very provocative pose, tilted her head back and I snapped.  Then I went around behind her, capturing the view and her hair flowing down her back.  I pulled up my camera, asked if it was okay and took a couple of her back and then her front.
She stared at me for a moment with a odd look and took a deep breath. 
“I want a couple of special photos… would you mind… um… if I… well….” she stammered, blushing.  I nodded encouragement, trying to fathom what would make her hesitate. It hit me as she spoke.  
“I want to…. take off my clothes!” she finished in a rush and giggled.  I glanced down the trail to be sure we were really alone, then nodded.  Before I could reconsider, she stripped off her plaid shirt, undershirt and sexy black sports bra, and was shimmying out of her khaki shorts.  She took off everything but her hiking boots… a very sexy image.  She sat demurely on “The Seat” with her arms crossed, legs together.  She gave me a smoldering look and I struggled to focus on the task at hand.  I took a photo with my camera, then a couple with hers.  She started to get up but my beast took over and I stopped her with a command. 
“Lower your hands,” I intoned.  She looked shocked but complied boldly, squaring her shoulders and raising her arms, so her breasts pointed directly at the lens.  She had gorgeous nipples and breasts that called to me.  Again, she started to rise but I pushed further. 
“Open your legs now… wide,” I commanded.  She gave me an impish smile, and spread so I could see her puffy lower lips and curly dark hair, so natural and different from most current porn.  I was hard as the stone she sat on as she splayed her legs over the rock in either direction and I clicked away.  She was into the spirit of it now, putting her fingers inside her, in and out, showing me her clit, her face twisting in ecstasy as I captured her orgasm.  She turned and got on all fours facing away… shots of her gorgeous ass and dripping slit from that angle.
Her smile turned positively evil as she faced me again.  “Come over here,” she commanded.  “Keep shooting,” she said as she undid my shorts and pulled my completely engorged cock out into the open air.  She kissed the tip.  Snap.  She sucked me deep… snap from above.  Snap from the side.  Then I couldn’t focus any longer, grabbing her head as she expertly took me from zero to over the edge in record time!  She swallowed every drop and stroked my balls as she checked around to be sure I was clean before tucking me gently back into my shorts.  I went to buckle my belt but she put her hand on mine.  
“Do you want some shots?  Similar to mine?” she asked.  I pondered momentarily… this was likely a one-time chance.  I flung off my backpack and kit and stood naked except for my boots, only slightly nervous as to what she’d make of my body.  She grinned and nodded, pinched my butt, grabbed my camera and hers and pushed me toward the rock.  I posed lying down with my cock straight up… never have I recovered so fast!  I watched her tits bounce as she twisted to get the best angle as I sat up and grabbed my cock.  I turned around for a nice ass and balls and dangling man bits shot.  Then stood to flex my biceps, such as as they are.   It felt incredible to feel the sun on my skin and watch her smile.  
She came over to hand me my camera, and thank me.  She played with my chest hair. 
“I wish we had more time…” she sighed.  I nodded.  I pressed my tongue inside her, tasting, sucking, then added my fingers inside her front and back until she came again.  I held her to my face… I was burning to pull her onto my lap and fuck her senseless… but there wasn’t time.  I patted her ass and pushed her away.
She dressed as I tossed on my clothes, then came over for a deep kiss and tight hug, rubbing from side to side across my cock.  She reached into her pack and handed me a card… “Send me those photos.  All of them,” she requested sternly.  I looked down at the name, the email… and the address of a business 30 miles from my house!  
“I will Laura,” I promised.  “I’m Todd, and I’ll email you as soon as I get back to my computer.  Oh, and let’s meet at McGeary’s next weekend?  I’ll buy you a drink,” I offered, naming a famous pub around the corner from her office.  Her eyes widened.
“You’re from upstate NY?” she asked, clapping her hands and giggling as I nodded.  She hugged me again and then grabbed my hand to lead me back down the trail.  I had the feeling there were a lot of special moments still to come with Laura.  

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  1. Max says:

    Awesome!!! Great writing!

  2. Awww… thank you Max. Coming from you, one of the best writers out there, that is very special!

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