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Dear Readers,

It’s a holiday weekend in the United States and many of us get Monday off from work for “Memorial Day” wherein the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces are remembered.  I hope you are enjoying the unofficial “start of the summer” and perhaps visiting a cemetery to remember a relative who served, or attending a parade!  I am blogging but also plan to get out and about to enjoy being outside after a long, cold winter.

Here’s a fun question I got from a reader recently:

Q.  Do you expect men to come visit you or will you go to them or meet them halfway?

A. It depends.  I do have more flexibility than most men, but I am also very safety-conscious and like to start off on my home turf in a public place.  I have traveled and dreamed of visiting my online pals or “meeting him halfway” with several of the men I talk to online.  I took a huge leap of faith flying to visit Philip in a far away city for our reconnection, but I have seen a lot more of the “cheating world” since then and it has made me much more careful.  But it’s fun to dream!  There’s nothing like talking to someone in the middle of the night… wanting them so badly then noticing you could get in your car and be in their arms in 4 hours!  Woot!

Do you have a long-distance romance going on and fantasize about meeting halfway?  Are you planning to meet a guy who works across town and want to know a restaurant halfway?  Do you want to play with a guy three towns over and wonder where is the best place to meet halfway?  Is a guy coming to your area on business and you want a nice restaurant halfway to his hotel?

I have a web site recommendation for you this afternoon! Click over to

Type your address, enter another address, and put a “point of interest” such as coffee shop?  Hotel? Pharmacy? Park?  You can leave that blank and it will show restaurants, with a mix of fast food and sit-down options.  You can also specify other things like avoiding toll roads or highways, and your mode of transportation – driving, walking, biking or public transportation!

Up pops a map and a list of places!   With links!  And pins on the map!

Note: it doesn’t work overseas (between two places you can’t drive, walk or bike to) like Boston > Perth, Australia or Honolulu or London.  But it does work within overseas places, like trying to find a meeting place between Finsbury Park in North London and Buckingham Palace or between London and Paris.

It does cool things like if you type is Ayers Rock, it converts it to State Route 4, Uluṟu NT 0872, Australia and suggests a halfway point of Booborowie SA!

I forget who told me about it…  if it was you, thank you very much!  I was doing it by hand inside google maps, and this is much quicker and better!

Have fun!  Hugs with groping!


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  1. I think our half way point is the Hamptons!

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