FFF Bear Naked

It’s Flash Fiction Friday time!  Take a look at the photo provided by the FFF host, the hot and cuddly blogger Advizor54 from Free Advice is worth what you pay for it.  What does it make you think about?  Click over to see what he made of the photo.  Really.  Go see.  He’s quite something!  And there are links to other bloggers too!   My take is below.  Here’s the challenge:

Word Count:  313
Bonus Words: Make the bear talk
Required Phrase:    Hey There Boo Boo!
Forbidden Word:    Ranger, Stuffed, Lonely

Extra Credit:  Keep her alone


One of those days.  New boss being a total bitch just because she can.  You’ve met the type – the bean counter who impresses the higher-ups because she knows her way around a budget but doesn’t know the first thing about working with people?  
And my Ashley Madison guy forgot our meet at the bar after work and forgot to tell me.  So I sat there alone for 40 minutes revving myself up so I’d be ready and wet and… nothing.  I texted twice. He finally wrote back… “Oops!  Sorry… busy.  Later baby.”  I hate it when men call me baby.  What am I supposed to do with all this horny goodness?!  
I headed to the subway, watching the couples headed out for the evening, chanting, “Tomorrow will be better.  It will be fine,” to myself.  At least the trolley was less crowded with the rush hour over.  I fantasized about the early days when the AM guy texted me 75 times a day and would be waiting at the bar and take me to dinner and a hotel and pound me into next week until I couldn’t remember my name!  
I stumbled off the train and strolled up the street, facing the long, quiet Memorial Day weekend, stepping carefully around the piles of discarded household items left by neighbors moving out.  I kept an eye out for anything salvageable.  I don’t need more stuff, but sometimes there is a plum chair or a box of books that I can save from the garbage to pass on to a friend or the church rummage sale. 
The bear caught my eye way down the block, perched on top of a pile of furniture – a huge teddy bear!  I picked him up.  “Hey there Boo Boo!”  
I am a sucker for stuffed animals.  Especially bears.  I usually go for panda bears, but this guy was so cute… wrapped my arms around him.  So huggable.  I could not resist.  I cuddled him all the way home. 
I tossed off my clothes and settled down with him on the floor to look him over for bugs or stray hairs.  He was totally clean!  I smiled at him and he smiled back. 
“So… are we gonna get it on or what?” he said.  I was a little taken aback.  Maybe all the stress at work has made me insane? 
“That’s not a very nice way to start,” I kidded him.  
“You’re so hot, I lost my manners!” he wolf-whistled.
This was getting interesting! 

2 thoughts on “FFF Bear Naked

  1. Measha Stone says:

    Now I wish I had stopped at the garage sale I passed on my way home from work today! Fun take this week!

  2. Advizor54 says:

    “hot and cuddly” now you are just teasing me, but thank you and don’t every stop.

    i liked the story but the growing germaphobe would have tossed him through the wash cycle and pulled him from the dryer piping hot and ready to play. Then I’d give him something really sticky to get out.

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