FFF Never again

Flash Fiction Friday time!  How’s this for a challenge?  
Word Count:    275
Bonus Words:  Tell us about her high school
Required Phrase:    Not Now Mom!!!
Forbidden Word:    Wedding 
Extra Credit: Don’t take the obvious route for the week.
Pop over to Free Advice is worth what you pay for it to see what Advizor54 and the other sexy bloggers saw in this photo.  My take is below.  Enjoy! 
My mom was trying to help.  I thought, “Not Now Mom!!” but she was intent on getting me through my anniversary.  I couldn’t deprive her of the satisfaction.  
“We can give it to the consignment shop.  I just want to see you in the outfit once more.  It was so perfect for you!”  I obliged, she took photos, and I shed everything but the veil.  
“Close your eyes!” she instructed me.  I dutifully obeyed. 
“Now tell me about that night,” she commanded.  I shuddered.  We were close but there are some things you do not tell your mother!  
“I’ve been patient.  Now spill!” she insisted.  
It had been the perfect day.  The weather, the ceremony, the food.  Our friends and family behaved.  We drove away smiling and settled in to our hotel room with the view of the lake.  
“We made sweet love…,” I started.  My brain was flooded with memories.  “He was the best lover… gentle hands, sexy mouth and he knew what to do with his equipment, Mom.”  She smiled.  
“At midnight there was a knock on the door.  His best man strode into the room and joined us in bed!” 
“Oh no!  Was that awful?” she asked.  
“On the contrary, it was fantastic!  So amazing to have two talented men pleasuring my body simultaneously!”  
“Okay… why did you leave?” 
“Well… They were touching each other, not me,” I reported.  “I said I would leave them alone to enjoy… when should I come back?  And MY HUSBAND said… ‘we don’t have to have sex again do we?’”  
“Whoa…,” my mom cursed quietly.
“And I thought to myself… no… no we don’t.” 

4 thoughts on “FFF Never again

  1. CuriousRob says:

    Ouch! Great story!

  2. Measha Stone says:

    Nice twist, not nice for her- poor thing, but great writing!

  3. Advizor54 says:

    Sometimes the truth comes out way too soon. Poor girl, but great story. and I can hear his voice, a bit whiny, “do we have to have sex, AGAIN?” I’m laughing for the bride’s pain.

  4. Julietta says:

    Even though it didn’t make sense (two men pleasuring me, then the two guys were only touching each other), I couldn’t stop laughing ! It was just such a giggle I loved it !! Thank you JDM xx

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